2016   R  1:40  Action Comedy

Jordan Peele  Keegan-Michael Key, Method Man,Tiffany Haddish,Luis Guzmán,Will Forte,Nia Long, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Anna Farris

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Rell (Jordan Peele) find some happiness in a Kitten that shows up on his doorstep. Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) gets a few days without the wife who is going away, and makes his way to his friend in need (before the cat shows), by the time he arrives, Kell has the kitten which is so cute could soften even the hardest of cat haters (admit it you were a mouse or a bird in a past life) and is taking pictures of the kitten for a calendar. 

They go out only to come back to Kell’s ransacked pad, and no Keanu. They visit Hulka, Kell’s pot dealer next door! Likely whoever broke in thought Kell’s place was Hulka’s. Turns out some dude named ‘Cheddar’ (really? and You’re supposed to be hard with that? I don’t care the ‘cuter’the name the more bad-ass you’re supposed to be)

Wait is this supposed to be set in the 90’s cause I’m having Flashbacks… (Cross Colors clothing and George Michael’s Faith and a few other things)

Definitely NOT my sort of movie and YES I did watch it just for the kitty! Cause  you will get the warm fuzzies when you hear this cutie meow!

Dumb ass movie, but I do give them props for such a silly premise. but it’s still a dumb ass movie with a dumb ass plot but cute. Even though Keegan as a black man that’s sort of the ‘whitest’ black man you know sort acting like a hard gansta was funny, But not as funny as the irish girl that lived across from me acting like a gangsta with her Oakland Raiders jacket (that was the ‘thug/gangsta’ style in my area in the 90s)

I would normally give it a D but I think the kitten makes it a C

(was it actually trained for the rescue?)    Watch on Amazon video or order the disk

With Love….

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