The Conjuring 2

2016      R       2 hours   Patrick Wilson,Vera Farminga, Frances O’Connor, Franka Potente,Maria Doyle Kennedy

Zi Approved MOVIE

Grab the popcorn and candy, Turn off the lights, pull the shades and and get comfy for a veritable spook~

We open in 1976 while Ed & Lorraine Warren are investigating the Amityville House, where Lorraine not finding any proof the haunting there is real, but has a vision of a warning for elsewhere!

A year later in Edinfield, England around the holidays a single mother and her 4 children are living in what looks like a dark, moldy old home.  One of the kids is being bullied for having a stutter, and the house well… everything seems to be breaking. To add to their problems, Janet the younger daughter and her friend made a Ouja Board and she brings it home. She tries to contact any spirits there, but gets no answer. Come on any house in England has got to have something that goes bump in the night, right? She puts the board away under her bed and forgets about it.

Janet starts waking up not knowing how she got there, and just thinks she’s sleep walking…Motvision seal of approval

The build up of the story was a good one, it wasn’t where it was boring or felt too slow, and man you could cut it with a knife! The movie was creepy, un-nerving and even scary! You felt the frustration of the family and maybe even a little of the hopelessness they felt. And wait was that Marylin Manson as the Nun?  Nope it wasn’t.. Good job  to you though you made me glad I never went to Catholic School, though I did go to CCD and only had one little old Nun who was a sweetie!

I was also a bit upset and Nervous as it seemed there Ed would die in this, but I thought why would you kill him off only in the 1st sequel? (I could understand maybe a 4th or 5th movie) but anyway the deal is with that on the table you feel he will now as for whether or not he did…. I’m not going to spoil it one way or the other!

Another thing was… The make-up for the nun was scary and as for our urban legend in the closet… I won’t ruin it… kinda reminded me of Jack Skellington in a way only with the actual ability to scare!  I am sorry I missed it in the theater! But I Figured like the insidious sequel (part 2) it was going to just be lame and unmemorable. I do hope they make a 3rd of this one as I know there’s already an Insidious 4 in the works or so I’ve heard.

Oh and Patrick Wilson doing Elvis and singing to the song… nearly had a tear in my eye…

This is the first NON-comic movie I’ve seen this year (In theater or of any genre I rented) I can say is the BEST! of the year!

A             Bring on  a Part 3!!!

I think that was the creepiest spookiest Horror movie I’ve seen since The Babadook!

In the meantime Order the Dvd/Blu-ray for your library  or rent or buy via amazon video


unexplainable things happened set  conjuring’s mysterious bruising


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