USA, Tuesdays   Conspiracy Thriller, action,  Drama  stars   Ryan Phillippe,  Omar Epps,  Shantel VanSanten, & Eddie McClintock, Image result for shooter tv


This 1- hour USA series  based on the Mark Wahlberg movie of the same name is executive Produced by Wahlberg and produced by Phillippe as well as plays former and Highly decorated Marine  Bob Lee Swagger.

Our introduction in the pilot is  a lesson

A bullet can kill you 3 ways.

1- Extremities- miss a major artery and bleed out in 10-20 minutes

2- Tens- Center chest, bullet tumbles, splintering bone, the heart or arteries may get hit and blood Pressure drops

3- the Kill shot- Middle of the skull any angle and like a marionette with the strings cut, you’re dead before your brain can register what’s happened.

I particularly appreciated him sticking it to the hunters, however I would have used their own traps on them. (I may not be vegan but  1. I don’t think I could ever harm a forest animal even if my life depended on it. 2. If you are trapping to hunt you are a COWARD. 3. My father who used to hunt when I was younger, I may not have liked it; but at least he would eat it and if we didn’t have enough room in the freezer he’d share the meat with family & friends.  4.  hunting with a Bow or gun… at least it’s a ‘sporting chance’ which is the idea of a hunt. I think a bow is much more honorable as it is what our forefathers used along with spears for hunting. 5. I prefer the way the Natives do it, what they hunt and kill… They use everything, the meat, skin etc.

Ok with my stance on that… I can get to the actual plot of the show.

The president is supposedly threatens by some Chechen named Solatov who is a sniper that can hit his mark from 3/4 of a mileshooter-scout away. So Bob’s former Captain,  Isaac Johnson who is part of the President’s Secret Service hire’s him to scout the area where  the attack may come from. This is just a cover for a scheme that Issac has hatched along with Jack Payne (McClintock) in framing Swagger. But why? Is  Issac a traitor to his country, and some sort of spy  (for the Russians or who?)

The show passes by quickly, so far well  told as far as the story goes. I’d say this is a winner even if it’s not your preferred Genre.


(more info on IMDB)

You can order or watch the movie Here on Amazon Video  or  Just catch up on the show


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