Cats Are The Rulers of the Internet

Happy CATurday!
Here’s some of our FURRvorate entertainers


Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Kim Cabatuan.

It’s no surprise that the Internet offers an abundance of content that involves cats. In line with that, cats are also the most viewed animal on the World Wide Web. They basically rule the Internet and humans revere them like gods. Humans love cats so much, they probably wished they were feline groomers for the rest of their lives. This is probably due to the positive effects that cats have on pet owners and on people who view images or videos of the majestic creatures online. The following are some cat-related memes that serve as proof (as if we needed any) that felines have somehow taken over the world wide web.

LOLcats are image macro of cats with captions that are grammatically incorrect or misspelled. Said manner of speaking is called “lolspeak” and this is how humans imagine cats talk should it…

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