How to talk to your cat about Gun Safety

The American Association of Patriots presents

How to Talk to your cat about gun safety

Genres: humor, parodies, form

When this showed up in my email, I thought it was one of the offers I get from a few different mailing lists. I read it and said WHAT? Then awwed over the cute fur-ball kitten on my cover. The cover looking a bit serious, like a pamphlet.  I wondered if it would be written in a fashion where it is humorous, serious or both.

From   Three Rivers Press, this 136 pages of  ‘political’  hot topics showed up in my mail box. How could I not give that little cutie on the cover a home?  The book covers what many of use would consider  hot button (political, religious and life) topics. Some of which sometimes fall in to more than just one of those, for instance.”Abstinence, drugs, Satanism, and other dangers that threaten their nine lives” 

After reading the first essay with ‘purr’fect puns, a few laughs at the writing and pictures of cats with guns..I’m on the 2nd topic which is evolution. Whoever actually wrote this sounds like a religious zealot or some sort if cult member to me. I am having a hard time remembering this is a humor book as it seems more serious even if you take it both ways.

Now here is where in my draft I had written my own two cents to a few things but I am trying to keep that sort of thing out of the review(or at least wait until later to include )

mentioned, there are pictures which I just wish they were in color (or at least some if them).

Now whether this ‘pawson’ is serious or not with this book, the back does say its supposed to be humor, but there’s no actual laughing moments.  Its something that could be used to teach your child about these things if  the topics were cleaned up a bit (taking out anything in here that Donald Trump would say) as they also had to include their beliefs into it (it would have been nice to have a warning  the cover…I mean after all in the 1990s they slapped explicit lyrics labels on CDs, how about religious ones so we know what we are in for? Unless you are writing a book on religion as a topic, or the story is based on it, then leave it out especially if you are already dealing with politics. (even if the book is supposed to be humorous.)

Humor or not, This should only be sold to KKK members and slavers… and maybe Trump! lol


I have received this book complimentary from Blogging for Books for this review.”


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This person is an idiot, They said cats are 7x years their age, but that’s dogs. Cats are actually x5 years their age.

As for the mention of surviving a Gaggle of Ghosts…. Holy water and crucifixes don’t work unless they are evil spirits or actually demonic (never having lived)  the only thing you could use on Ghosts if using a firearm is stuffing it with rock salt, as far as Supernatural goes.

Wait a minute ‘Theory of Evolution’ a myth?!?!!? I thought they had proof of evolution?   Creationism and Evolution are 2 different things.. If you want to believe some higher power created the universes etc… fine but after that… (Unless you watch the original 1980s ‘V’ tv series) how do you think we now have house cats and dogs? Alligators and Crocodiles are living dinosaurs!   Homo-sapiens evolving from Gorillas ( as much as I really would not like to admit it, as I don’t like them) Every animal on the earth evolved from being much bigger Sabertooth cat is now say a cougar or the largest tiger. Mosquitoes Thank gods they are no longer the size they once were when the dinosaurs were around.  So as far as the fossils, dinosaur bones etc that have been found and those modern day dinosaurs mentioned are MY proof evolution is a fact.

NOw another note I had to make is had whoever actually wrote this did this right he would have found that cats were worshiped in Ancient Egypt as Gods and they have not forgotten this. Their god is not the christian god, they have their own and that is Bast/Bastet the Cat Goddess . Harming a cat, was punishable by death!


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