Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

2016, PG-13, 133 Minutes   adventure, Family, Fantasy  (adaptation?)

Directed by David Yates  stars… Colin Farrell, Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterson,   Dan Fogler, Ezra Miller

Before Harry Potter destroyed Voldermort, Magizoologist Newt Scamander traveled the world studying creatures and is now one of the required books for Hogwarts students.

Things We Want to See in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

It’s New York in the 1920s where there is a group called the second Salemers, who know witches exist and to me looks like everyone seems to think they are cracked. Especially being as its one lady and a couple of kids so they come off more as being religious nuts than anything.

I saw this in Alamo Draft House and one of the clips that was played before the movie had the whole room cracking up. It looked like claymation (but who knows it could have been CGI to look like it)  with Voldermort  walking along and people making fun of him, one real loud shout was Man What happened to your nose?!   He goes and gets a nose job (actually getting a nose duh!)  then I forget how it leads up but somehow something breaks his nose, like actually flattens it!

So I am still stoked and surprised Colin Farrell is in this. He plays Mr. Graves  and I get the feeling he’s a bad guy for some reason. I hope not, but he did a great job playing the vampire in Fright Night so I don’t think he would disappoint if he is the bad guy.

So we know this revolves around Newt’s beat up Brown ‘expandable’ suitcase, and that the creatures some how get out, and run a muck in the city. That cute little niffler, I want a plushie of him to keep my Scabbers company!  How does the little Niffler hold all that stuff in that little pouch ? Oh wait this is the World of Harry Potter (in a sense) so the same way Harmione’s purse ca hold furniture, and Newt’s case can hold a basement and a zoo like area for the creature’s habitats.

I really enjoyed seeing the creatures come to life on screen. Makes me wish the book had (if not color) than drawing for all or most of the creatures. I especially loved the Thunderbird, and those colorful ‘snakes’ with the wings. as for the others, I’m not sure if it’s considered a spoiler to tell you what creatures are in this

I was surprised to hear someone say

“Why in Deliverance Dane did you let that thing loose?” 

The name coming up is what surprised me, as I read a book called the Physic Book of Deliverance Dane. Which I quite enjoyed reading and even kept to re-read.

One line I appreciated was

 We’re going to recapture my creatures before they get hurt. They’re currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet; humans. – Newt 

after reading The Cursed child, which I was disappointed with, this movie was much needed to redeem herself. (I hope it’s better to see the play than read it)

So I very much enjoyed the movie, it’s an adventure, a bit of mischief and I felt the magic I did when I first saw the first Potter movie. So I can’t wait for the rest of the installments to come.  (You can read more below however it is what could be considered spoilers to tread if you dare.


a big A

Get the Book  or Pre-order the movie

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37 Facts You Didn’t Know About “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”


 ‘Fantastic Beasts’: Eddie Redmayne explains how he picked his wand

Fantastic Beasts’ sequel in the works, release date set for 2018

spoiler alert

Newt is in New York on his way to Arizona  as there’s been signs of an obscurus, What the hell is that? I can’t find it mentioned in the book. Is it something other than an animal?  Ah One develops when a witch suppresses their powers instead of harnessing them becoming dark magic, because of the fear and resentment.Then the way they go about it, why not just use a stun or freeze charm. The obscura reminds me of those cardboard things with the face that you drag the magnetic stuff to make hair and beards etc.

OMG and I was right about Farrell, and wait did he just turn into Johnny Depp!?!!!?!?


Now these are some of the creatures that I recognized with a lot of hard work of reading and re-reading the book’s descriptions and I wrote a list of creatures mentioned and what I recognized from description.

Murtlap, Thunderbird (as mentioned) Sweeping Evil, Billywig, Erumpent,Fwooper, Snidget,  Demiguise a Bowtruckle and Ashwinder

I wouldn’t call them funniest, but #11 & 12 were quite good. 18-of-the-funniest-tweets-about-hogwarts


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