I hope Your Halloween was great and you or your kids got lots of goodies, or at least got to go to a party!

I dressed up as a mad scientist, sadly my arm is not long enough to take a photo of the fully costume, but really was just a white doctors ‘coat’ however the make up was what was really the key! The earrings were Eyeballs. One side was supposed to be a potion I was experimenting on blew up in my face, and one the other side one of the glass containers  blew up in my face

Now we have to face the deluge of the holidays being shoved down our throats.




10 Funny New Books to Read When You Need a Pick-Me-Up  (I read the Janet Evanbovich series)

Beauty & the Beast live action images released

Monsters, Inc. Director Addresses Sequel Rumors

The Walking Dead: Katelyn Nacon On Enid Taking On Sophia’s Story

DC Comics TV Stars Debate Which Hero Would Win In A Fight
Rob Thomas Says iZombie Season 3 Is Not Planned to Be The Last

Why Ezekiel Is Filling Negan’s Pigs With Zombies On The Walking Dead (can you say Poison? we not remember ‘Tainted Meat” ? Wait What?!?! Animals are not affected by zombie virus? Ok so now I have my answer to why we have yet to see animal zombies. (but even if not, depending on how the food is prepared, people should be able to catch it. Why not incluse some zombie blood in a bottle of Red, or as a ‘Ranch’ dressing of sorts?

Gillette Launches Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Promotion and Gift Packs with Epic Commercial

Suicide Squad And Other DC Universe Movies Headed To TNT, TBS

Lauren Cohen says Maggie seeks vengeance in The Walking Dead (Think we already knew that considering the events that happened and that she told the others to go home and get everyone. Wouldn’t you want to avenge your spouse or significant other?)

Why Star Wars Needs Practical Effects, According to Rogue One’s Neal Scanlan  (mmmm was I able to tell that? Could this be the reason I was barely able to watch? certainly didn’t hold my attention. I mean at least the prequel movies or one of them at least eventually maybe grew on me.. but haven’t watched them in so long I don’t remember)

New Trainspotting 2 Trailer & Poster Revealed

Kevin Feige on Thor: Ragnarok’s Possible Avengers: Infinity War Connection

American Horror Story’s Piggy Man Revealed

Star Trek’s Don Marshall Has Died

Neil Patrick Harris Reveals Family’s Hollywood-Themed Halloween Costumes


Lorenzo James Henrie Talks Leaving Fear The Walking Dead And Joining Agents Of SHIELD

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