London has Fallen

2016  R   1:39  Action/Thriller   Blu-ray   Gerard Butler, Arron Eckart, Morgan Freedman, Angela Bassett

The follow up to Olympus has fallen  action thriller has the president played by Eckart in danger while attend a funeral of the British Prime Minister which is attacked by terrorists. The event is to be attended by nearly every western head of state.

The massive attack 2 years in the making on various landmarks of London is devastating honestly it actually made me quite sad to even see one of the towers of a cathedral fall (and I don’t believe in churches) and at another one.. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh in Irony because of the nursery Rhyme or cry to actually “London Bridge has fallen down” So with that I’d say the emotion is dense moments like this felt a little hard to breath.

Nice fall through a ceiling, the guy’s a cat!had predictable timing  but full of ‘fire’ fight in the streets.

They include a few lines meant to be funny, as far as successfully being so I am not even sure if posting one or 2 of the ones I noted  would come off as so as I think some if not all needed to be in that moment. Though I did Love the

“Technology is only as good as the dumb shits using it”

I thought the original was great when it first came out, it was action packed then the movie the same year with Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox came out… (though I cannot remember the title) everyone liked better. I think they are both good on their own levels depending on which actors you like best even. Though as far as title’s go I’d say Olympus/London has fallen has the win for memorable title

All formats available here on Amazon

For the other quotes I  liked

“That was inspiring”        Obviously this one you’d have to see the movie for


???-There’s 100 terrorists in there

Gerard Butler- Yeah they should have brought more men.


Butler’s character- I was wondering when You’d come out of the closet

Prez who as hiding in a closet- That wasn’t funny


Prez-What took you so long/

Butler- I had a few arrands to run



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