Demon Tongue

2015  NR  1:24  Horror/Paranormal


well just a few days after watching this and thankfully I write a draft review, because I already don’t remember anything at all.

The opening scene was like the Amityville Horror, but not sure yet (if at all) fits into the story, or is an out take from the story put in the beginning as some occasionally do .

FOur amature Paranormal research students are sent to some abandoned ‘complex’ (looks more like a camp to me)  Was this the house from the beginning of the movie?  Un-needed close-ups or just filmed too close up; scenes that were not needed (like zooming in on a coffee cup) I guess they were trying to be an art house movie.  With that crap I’m guessing this was some sort of film school project with what to me is bad editing and so on.

The demon is one large molded problem looking like it was made from a plaster Volcano science project that got an F. For this ‘amateur’ Make-up FX (for halloween) ‘master’, I’ve had people ask me to do their make up for them starting a few years ago (2012 or 2013)  when I was supposed to be a zombie soldier. Then when I dressed up as a mummy , it was as though I were a celebrity, everyone seemed to want to take a picture or told me they loved the costume.. then there’s the fat I actually scared Captain America. (I still laugh at the memory)

anyway this costume head/face looked more like a heap of elephant dung only a lot darker!

Awful editing…watch when she unwinds her bandage, instead of making it just go faster (or using a time lapse)  they just cut large chunks out . It’s one cold mess



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