The Best moments from the Walking Dead Series

With the Season 7 premier coming this Sunday, I thought a rehash of the series and best moments would be a fitting post. I’ve been working on this since the end of season 6 or maybe even during it.

This could be a form of my up coming ‘Classic Cuts’ series, as the show is over the 5 season mark, but I prefer a show to be at least 10 seasons long or off the air for it to be considered so.

You will find an assortment of fodder here, Highlights from each season, videos with facts for each season, Best moments and Quotes, Shocking Deaths, Comic con panel with practical joke and a list for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and more.

a overview of the past seasons settings etc

Season by Season  noteables

1 Atlanta, Rick wakes in Hospital, The camp

2- Hershal’s farm

3- Prison

4- The Govner     fall of the prison  on the road

5   Terminus, Hospital Beth, Finding Alexandria   the-walking-dead-season-5

6  Alexandria paradise,Wolves, Megaher,  hilltop  Jesus & Negan   Great use of  filming pilot in color & B/w  Negan

7- Alexandria,  The Sanctuary  The Kingdom, The Hiltop ,




How has The Walking Dead deviated from the comics?

They are not called Zombies

as if from other countries every group has a different name for the zombies.

Our group- Walkers


Alexandrians- Rovers

(The coast of women)-Bobbers or floaters



The Kingdom-

Junk Yard-


The dead ones, Rotters, (I can’t recall who said them)

WHY we love the show??

The Emotions, Death, Terror, Shocks, Survival, The ever changing arch, girl power, underdogs

Which Walking Dead character’s survival skills best match your own?


Season 2

a ‘little’ Carl Grimes (actor Chandler Riggs)  and a short haired Daryl

Rick tells the group what the guy at the CDC told him about the zombie ‘plague’

Lost Sophia

On the road going house to house til they find the prison

Lori’s bun in the oven is ready to pop

Carol (joking or not)  being a cougar with Daryl

Hershel gets bit

The Walking Dead: Top 5 Characters Absent From The Comics


The Best Moments & Quotes

___ Rick takes a bite out of Crime.  Rips the guy’s neck out with his bare teeth, for a second I thought he’d turned Z!

___Carol’s explosive Terminus rescue and newly ‘dyed’ hair (good look for her)

__Daryl’s Bad Ass whip chain  move..kills 3 Zs with one move.

__  Do you have Any idea who you’re talking to? -Rick to someone from Alexandria

__Season 6 Episode 1 Rock Quarry Horde

__Season 6  The most Dramatic cliff hanger (possible) of all time…6 weeks of is Glen  dead or not.

__s 6.9 Daryl’s explosive “F-u” to Negan’s men. (Which gave me the giggle fits all night!)

__”Loose ends make my ass itch” -Abraham

__6.1 the use of B/w and color in the season pilot

___6.9 Best episode of series so far (2/14/2016)

__s.5 Daryl man cries over dead Beth (& made me cry too…for shame!)

__S. 6   “We are neck deep up shit’s creek, with our mouths open” – (who else) Abraham

__s/6 ‘Bitch nuts’  -abraham   (um.. WHAT exactly are bitch nuts LMAO)

__s.6 Who DID Negan Kill?

The  Walking Dead Greg Nicotero shares gruesome special effects

Season 3

Welcome to Woodbury…Headquarium

Little ass Kicker is born

A scary Rick (SPOILER ALERT…after Lori Dies) covered in Blood after Z- attack. When Glen finally finds hi, Rick looks at him like a feral animal ready to maul him

Michone finds prison

attack on Woodbury

Clear Crazy Morgan

Gov. & Rick Negotiate

Favorite line/Dialog of the year

Milton: Let me see your stump”

Hershel: At least buy me a drink first

some woodies join prison community



Season 4

Farmer Grimes

The Birth of the 3 Questions (screening/resume before aloud in group)

  1. How many walkers have you killed
  2. How many people have you killed
  3. WHY

Guessing what Daryl did before Zombie Apocalypse @ Big Spot (looks like a big lots store)

Start of Zombie Flu epidemic in Prison

Prison is located North of Highway 34

‘Infected Prisonitis spreads

Hershel walking around without crutches

Rick figures out it’s Carol who killed infected &  banishes Carol for killing off Karen and David (did it for the betterment of the many, so it wouldn’t spread)

‘Hell’ gas price

Dying to get into prison

On the road with the Gov. aka Brian  with trailer park camp…”I never know if he’s winkin’ or blinkin’ ”

attack the C-block & Nearly headless hershel

on the road  Rick and Carl look for shelter, Michone backstory, The famous Pudding Binge

Daryl & Beth  show,

Daryl’s Wolf Pack (and their rules)

  • Claim
  • You steal, You kill
  • Don’t Lie (slippery slope)
  • punishment depends on severity and general attitude of the day

The Track to Terminus

bar joke beer/deer nuts & Looking at flowers

Rick takes a bite out of crime

Pigs to the slaughter

 famous ‘last’ words

The Walking Dead’s 10 Most Memorable Quotes To Date

Dumb ass – Glen  (and season 1)

“We’re all infected,” -Rick season 2

ANY of Herschel’s Wisdom like…  season 2- 

“I can’t profess to understand God’s plan, but when Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something a little different in mind,” Hershel responds.

Tainted meat-    season 5 to the Termites

“Ok, Dumbass” -Glenn to Rick season 6

Neck Deep Up shit’s creek with our mouths open -Abraham- s.6 e.16

Negan’s whole speech- season 6 Finale


The Walking Dead: Best Quotes From Season Two

The Walking Dead: Negan’s Five Best Lines From The Cell

5 Iconic Rick Moments


Season 6

My season 6 post


Episode 7  beth helps Carol in the hospital

8     “You’ve been out here too long, you’ll die” -Policeman Bob   bye bye beth & Hello Morgan

11  ‘Painting’ the car  & flare skull

10 Carl with the gauze patch Governor look  & Rick & Daryl Roadtrip

12 “Who’s Diana” * Porch Dick episode (& Glen gets punchy)

13 Carol & Maggie captured

14  Working @ Quarry  No-ahhhh  So long to Doctor Crush Eugene the ball biter

16 Morgan with the Wolves  & my fave quote of Abraham so far  “Neck deep up shit’s creek with our mouths open”

Well it’s only about half I think of some general facts

Carol’s Cookies~!!!

 Most Shocking Deaths

Shane–  I couldn’t stand him from the start, he’s one of those people that would give me the bad vibes and was just waiting for him to be taken out in some fashion. I was not so surprised when it came down to him being killed for the betterment of the group. I think if I was with the group the first time I thought he’d get problematic I would have taken him out. Really wish it were Him who Rock ripped out his throat!

Hershel– The farmer and doctor was I think the only character that never got annoying at one time or another like some of them do (even Rick)   I thought damn the next cut someone gets is gonna be infect and they’ll die of gang green without him around.

Beth– This I didn’t see coming, and I miss the character, when everyone was down she’d sing for them as entertainment after being the one that saw the negative she had looked on the brighter side and I respect her for that.

Lizzy – I wasn’t surprised with her death, just that the little schizoid  wasn’t killed by a ‘harmless’ zombie.

Noah – Good Kid, and went valiently. We hardly knew ya, but thank’s for saving Glenn.

The Walking Dead”: 10 Most Important Deaths

Negan’s Rules

Emotional moments get shot down

What you take, you earn

make them uneasy with creepy whistling

Every single death from The Walking Dead 2016

Now while watching the last epiosde I paid attention  to piece together the line up. Here is the order as Negan faces themBe sure to have the hankie’s or kleenex ready

Glen       Rosita        Daryl        Michone       Abraham     Maggie        Rick     Sasha      Arron    &     Carl

My theory for who it was who received some violent Lucille “kisses” is not one of our major faves. But At least there’s 2 we know it’s NOT… Morgan and Carol. This is my list of minor characters is would be

#1 Aaron  #2 Sasha   #3  Rosita   #4 Tara (Haven’t seen much of them lately)

#5 Reserved for one (or more) of our Major players ….as to which one of the major characters I would say is the vic, I have no idea. My instincts say  Maggie as she’s pregnant and it would possibly get the biggest reaction (aside from Daryl, Rick or Carl being Killed off)

A lot of people say it’s Daryl  because of Norman Reedus’ Roadtrip show, but that can easily be filmed during TWD hiatus. Now  with the season 7 trailer… more fodder for the flame… Dwight is wearing Daryl’s vest and wasn’t that his bike too? might also be a sign or it might be to just play on our fear of losing our favorite badass of the crew.

others Andrew Lincoln so that the group buckles at seeing their leader beat down, Glen or preggers Maggie.  If it’s Glen I would be pissed off only for the fact that after the “is he or isn’t he”  mid-season cliffhanger I would be like WHY didn’t you just do it then?! (cause that is when I realized Glen was a favorite of mine, I didn’t think I’d ever be upset if something happened to him!) If it’s Maggie, I’m sure there will be (quasi)  feminist backlash! Or some religious out rage for her being killed off while pregnant (as though if she gets killed or is just beaten a bit.. it could cause her to miscarry and therefore in a sense be called a ‘forced’ abortion)

Season 7

So What Happened in S.7 E.1  (with out giving anything away….)

I was quite disappointed with this episode,I guess from all the hype for finding out who,would be food for Lucielle. Plus the actors and writers saying “Have the tissues ready, watch with your family, It will just get worse” Honestly  I Didn’t get upset, nor did I cry at who got the kiss from Lucille?  But then again I KNEW it wasn’t going to be the “big 3” One in which… Rick was shown in the trailer so we knew it wasn’t him.  I will say  it was (what I call) a minor major and a ‘repeat’ so to speak of someone else that was in serious danger….so I’m yelling Cop-out I will say though there ARE 2 deaths, or if you want to count Rick’s Pride and Dignity then there’s 3 deaths.  Another thing is Andrew Lincoln I think had his best performance of the series thus far in this episode.

Season 7 Bests Quotes and Notes:

You’ve got beachball sized lady nuts

-Negan to Sasha 7.15

barnacle walkers

Best Moment?

aside from the season 7 finale being predictable for me I knew those junkers weren’t trustworthy from the moment I saw that face (and hair)  but the timing (lets say skip to the last half hour) Shiva’s perfect timing  in Finale  (I knew nothing was going to happen but then for a millisecond I did think am I wrong are they really going to, or will Negan just cut Rick’s hand off like I hear happens in some way in the comics. Sasha I saw coming especially when we find out where she’s been ‘hiding’ from the beginning of this episode,  knew what was going to happen. Honestly until Shiva showed up I was ho-humming it and yelling at Rick for which Glen must have been possessing me cause I called him a Dumbass for letting the Junk Yard Scavengers into Alexandria. (I would have made them the first line, (prove to me I can trust you then I may let you in) while all my crew would play sniper. That whole ‘We take , we don’t bother’ never flew right with me.. because if you think taking something doesn’t bother, well maybe I’ll take your trash heap. I think they want to do like George and Weezey and ‘move on up’  to live in Alexandria instead of living under mounds of trash.

The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero’s Message To Complaining Fans

The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero Praises Andrew Lincoln’s Performance Great performance… YES! That’s the only thing I liked about the episode, close to the end of the episode he ALONE almost had me shed a tear!

WHY who’s the boss was significant on The Walking Dead

 Five movies and TV shows connected to

the Walking Dead Universe 


5 Hookups We Want To See In The Walking Dead Season 7

Walking dead 99 episodes highlights

I think around halfway through (or close to) is the ‘prank’

“It looks like you made out in Michael’s”(craft store) -Chris Hardwick

 The Seven Pillars ‘The Walking Dead’ Stands On

Season 8

Happy 100 Epiosdes  An Iconic walker returns

The decay of the show’s title through the seasons

Episode 100: Comics vs. show


Shiva comes to the rescue

Millions of fans who cried for a CG character (glad to hear I wasn’t the only one)




Zombie Apocalypse kit

a canvas or Leather backpack or messenger bag are most durable (or something made of Gortex)

Weapons – long  Knife or machete, Bat, hammer , or Bow & Arrow for something quiet … Gun for when things hit the fan

Armor (any plastic sports shoulder pads, shin, and arm & neck guards esp helmet if they just eat brains!)  or make from old tires


Canned Food, Power bars etc  & lots of water Can opener, Matches, swiss army knife,   Ropes, Bungies & D-clamps(various sizes), Medical masks or bandanas, Work/Rubber gloves Fishing Hooks & line  Multi-tools (Like a shovel/axe/knife see examples from amazon below)

Journal & Pen  for writing down any important information and ‘history’ or just leaving notes

Markers or paint – for leaving messages for family or group

Medical Kit-

Latex/Rubber gloves, Sharp Knifr, ‘C’ needle  & thread (for stitches) also crazy glue when it needs to be done quick.   thread & masks (or bananas)

Basic tool kit   Screwdrive (philpps & flat) Piers, Wrench, hammer, saw & shovel & Rope  or Multi-tool kits

Pocket size…Swiss army knife * for your pack Camper’s multi tool * 4 in 1 camping tool (shovel, axe, knife, & saw)   * Emergency outdoorsurvival kit *

assorted fodder


Six Walking Dead Characters With Radically Different Fates in the ..

AMC CEO Reveals Rules For Managing The Walking Dead Franchise


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