Catch Hell

2014       NR        Drama , Thriller     1:38      DVD    Ryan Phillippe   Tig Notaro, James DuMont, Stephen Louis Grush,Ian Barford

directed by Ryan Phillippe   Written by Joe Gossett  Ryan Phillppe and


Ryan plays Regan Pearce a once successful actor who is in Louisiana  to film some movie  called Flashpoint (funny as that is currently the story on Flash and would LOVE to see Ryan on the show or as his own superhero in a movie or show… (let’s see what has Marvel NOT done yet?) he’s abducted by a sadistic former cop and his redneck nephew.

The creep who abducts the star is not a fan  but I would still say its sort of a Misery type movie of the clips form that I’ve seen maybe meshed a bit with something like saw or Hostel (ya know torture porn). Movie of this ilk are really all the same just different actors and they are either in some out in the middle of no where place or in some basement in the city and if there’s a duo they usually play the good cop bad cop (so to speak) sort.

(Yeah sorry Ryan I love you but there’s too many of these sort of movies already, it’s a cliche)

The end of the movie credits certianly breaks up all the intense seriousness. I’ll just say it’s a ‘dancing ‘gator’






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