The Ganzfeld haunting

2014  R 1:24  DVD  Taylor Cole, Toby Hemmingway, Rumer Willis    IMDB


a group of students are chosen by their teacher for a project to be ‘neutral’  to prove thoughts can be transmitted psychically while using the German Ganzfeld Experiment. They start by depriving their body of sleep, as well as cover their eyes with some (welders’ ?) goggles, their ears with noise canceling headphones, and turn on an infrared light.

The students drink, do drugs and role with some mild sexual escapades. Little do they know, their history is coming back to haunt them. The partying shots as well as the long scene of the girls are just filler for the 10-20% of story they actually had.

a high 5 for the cliche factor, the whole movie is one too many perfectly following the outline of other movies of it’s ilk.

Toby Hemingway has got the deadpan down,   I’m not sure if some of the lines he had were supposed to be jokes, or maybe it could have just been me seeing ‘shades’ of his Covenant character in this one.


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