Syfy channel Tuesdays  starring Anne Hecht , James Tupper, Levi Meaden,aylor Hickson, Julia Sarah Stone

our main cast plays the Copeland family made up of the twins Dana the goody two shoes and her rebelious sister Brianna  and then there’s Matt the star Athlete  Father Joshua is a World Cultures professor and mom Karen was a pilot in the Air Force and uses her training to protect her family. They travel around in an RV

 I think this is some sort of religious end of the world  doomsday. I’m sick of these sort of movies/shows though at least we see the apocalypse  as it starts and during instead of already happened.


Ok on its‘s site

When the world as they know it starts coming to an end, the Copeland family must face terrifying supernatural creatures and unprecedented disasters, including massive storms, earthquakes, meteor impacts, plague and the rapid decline of civilization. Will they be able to make it through – and figure out how to stop it?

After the father comes home after hearing some evangelist or news person that sounds like one talking about some virus affecting  the brain and seeing one guy (you’ll know who I mean)  that looks like a Bearded Woman circus freak (in the pilot) only it’s a guy, without a beard but looks like a really ugly woman so go figure!

There’s a hurricane and instead of it raining frogs or cats & dogs… there’s fish all over their ranch, a car drops from the sky as well. I thought the roof would tear off but they made the hurricane like it lasted only a minute (I bet the southern states would love that, a hurricane the only lasted a minute) some other place had snakes and there’s all sorts of natural disasters happening  al at once or one after the other and let’s not forget the spirits possessing people!

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