The 5th Wave

2016  PG  Cable     Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson,  Alex Roe, Liev Schreiber, Ron Livingston,  imdb

The Alien ship(s) look like Spikey floating islands


While watching the movie I am glad I waited for cable to watch it, It’s not even worth a dvd rental (and I wouldn’t waste my time with streaming it…)

Even checking out an article I wrote on How to Write a review and what criteria to cover was not even able to help me find ways of writing about the movie, which likely means it’s that thin and unoriginal of a storyline aside from the


1st wave  cut power & electronics which cuts communications

2nd wave is the literal sense of the term a giant wave of water to flood (are they terra forming?)

3rd wave  another bird flu?…. Infection of survivors of previous wave and eradicating the weak?

4th wave infiltration & inhabiting human form

5th wave Maniulate and invade rid the survivors of their humanity and enslave them.

(that’s at least what I got from them)


I cannot remember anything really exceptional happening aside from the giant wave and Chloe character being ‘saved’ by some hottie.

Shriber’s speech still in no way compares to that of Idris Elba’s from Pacific Rim not sure it was the power in the voice or the speech (or both)  but I can still pretty much hear it in my head any time I think of that movie!

There is one part which Moretz just not good with the acting. She’s rolling down a hill and has a Teddy Bear in her hand and instead of when she bounces or something and letting it go you see her just throw it. (You COULD have protected your head with it at least)

stream it on amazon  or read it


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