Lethal Weapon (tv series)

1 hour FOX  Action/Comedy/Drama  Wednesdays     stars Clayne Crawford, Damon Wayans, Jordana Brewster IMDB

I think we have already seen the first 12 minutes of the show in the trailers, but it still came off as funny, which is always a good thing.Zi Approved TV series

Taking over the Danny Glover and Mel Gibsobn roles from the movies are

Damon Wayan’s as officer Roger Murtah a family man who is back to work after having a heart attack; meanwhile Clayne Crawford’s Martin Riggs has lost his wife and unborn child to a traffic accident while she was on her way to the hospital and he on a case on the way to meet her.

In the pilot their First case is to find the murderer of a (Navy) Seal that looks
like a suicide. We also come to learn this series will be a fast paced romp of Binge worthy Quiet cop (Murtah) vs Crazy ass cop that should be on the ‘Red Bull’ police team. (well if there was one) He’s still mourning his wife, and basically has a death wish and has sessions with Brewster’s shrink


Talk about not seeing that coming …OUCH!

Riggs… “I didn’t kill him” lolMotvision seal of approval


well I can’t say the show’s predictable! Nascar fans may have the Race to the chase championship but in this case I do mean A chase to a race  and the 2 already sound like an old married
couple.. mmm they may give Hawaii 5-0’s Garrett and Danno a run for best duo and chemistry.

So far this has been a fun show as far as the first few episodes have gone you can get your action jollies on with these guys!
Honestly, I even put off watching Arrow for On Demand last Wednesday night to watch. For those of you that watch Hawaii 5-0

I think these 2 are more entertaining than Danno & McGarrett whose arguments on 5-0 usually has me in tears and are like one part married couple one part siblings. Lethal Weapon’s ‘bromance’ definitely is not the same as the other show they don’t argue in the same way but they have their own way of being funny, especially Riggs (who every time I hear his name I think Taylor Kitsch is going to show up on screen a la Tim Riggins in the Friday Night series.)  He plays mind games with the baddies and as so matter of fact as well. I remember him in the show Roswell way back when  and have tried to keep up with him (one of my favorite movies of his is, The Baytown Outlaws) Wayne’s I mostly remember from In Living Color. (which in ways I really miss, and his character I remember most is the one that wore the little hat, and I think they were some sort of critics)

With all the Movie to TV reboots (not to mention all the time with or without machine shows)  this is THE BEST of the reboot/remakes in my opinion!

I HIGHLY recommend the show  which is Definitely a nominee for Avatar Awards Best new Show, duo , Bromance, and  remake awards


HOW Lethal Weapon Beat the Remake Curse

‘Lethal Weapon’ creator Matthew Miller on his creative vision & what’s next


for your summer binge consideration

Catch Up with the show on amazon or watch the Lethal Weapon movie Collection on Blu-ray … or on DVD


With the pick-up for more episodes and the sure-fire hit commercials we can now Talk playing ‘cupid’

(Cupid’s weapon, or Lethal Matchmaker?)   Let’s play ‘Lethal Weapon’ matchmaker: It’s time for Riggs & Dr. Cahill to get together

I came across this  “Love Letter to Clayne Crawford’s hair and of course had to include it. I had a good laugh and a smile on my face while reading… did you?


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