guilt 2

Monday’s @ 9pm on Free Form (formerly ABC Family)

Kevin J Ryan II , Billy Zane, Katia Bokor, Sam Cassidy Anthony Stweart Head   More on IMDB

Ooh k the show starts with an interrogation and then switches back to 12 hours earlier when 22 year old Molly Ryan is found dead by her flat mate after a party in London.

Oh my it sounds so weird to not hear Anthony Stweart Head without his English accent like in Buffy and Merlin. And so happy to see Kevin Ryan back on my TV screen with his accent! (I really Miss Copper on BBC)

Well One laugh I got was maybe uncalled for as Grace’s sister point’s out the lawyer played by Billy Zane pissed on a judge’s dinner in the states and why he’s no longer aloud to practice there. (mm guess he didn’t win that case)

a few Suspects  

 Grace but that’s what they want you to think…

Her boyfriend Luke the 2 timer,

someone from the brothel  (one of the girls or consumers)

The Prince

and some professor


I enjoyed the mystery of who it was and I never figured it out.  They revealed it right at the end.

as for binge-able… I’m not sure if I could sit through the whole season (even if it’s only I think 10 episodes) in one day/sitting) I think I’d have to watch one a day. And probably best as a rental.


Buy it  or stream it via amazon


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