Dead of Summer

Free form    Tuesdays   9pm est   Mystery, thriller, Horror  from the makers of Lost    Tony Todd 


there’s some sort of backstory from the 1800’s  of some Cult killing some congregation members.  The show starts in summer 1989 on the way to Camp Stillwater (which to me looks a lot like Camp Crystal Lake) and was closed up in 1984.

Oh my… is that Paula Abdul’s “Miss you much” I hear?

The new camp director sunk all she had into opening the camp again after her fond childhood memories of it. So she was hoping to bring back fond memories for herself as well as the counselors, however could she be the reason people are showing up dead? 

Is the groundskeeper Dave the Jason Vorhees of this all? All I can do is think of it as Crystal Lake!! (maybe I’ve seen Friday the 13th & the Nightmare on Elm street movies a few tooo many times! 

Wait what’s wrong with that ‘bleeding’ tree? I’m sure it was normal before.  For me the characters (or at least the actors) (aside from Tony Todd)  are expendable no matter who they are as to me they just do not have memorable performances.  The Russian guy (that was working at the dry cleaners) he’s the only one whose character I remember their backstory.


While it’s a nice little Horror  sort of slasher show,  its a little binge-able but unless you need  a reminder (if there’s a season 2) of what happened in season one then it’s not worth re-watching

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