2016     R     1:59    DVD  based on the classic novel by J.G. Ballard (Yes got it from the trailer) the movie stars Tom Hiddleston,
Luke Evans , Jeremy Irons, Elizabeth Moss, & Sienna Miller

Image result for high rise movie

Hiddleston plays Dr. Robert Laing who moves into a London apartment tower. The tower has impressive views and amenities like a market, spa, and gym just to name a few that somewhat makes it a city in its own right. Judging by the fashion this looks like it’s supposed to be in the 60’s or 70s.

All is seemingly quiet when he moves in, then at some point the place seems more like a huge frat house for hundreds, maybe even thousands of tenants. There always seems to be some (bizarre) party, and there may be more debauchery that goes on here than what happens at an actual frat!

After a few months  everything starts to go down hill or should I say down the lift. The fruit in the market looks like fur balls, so maybe it’s a metaphor for the fall of society and how we will always self destruct and destroy anything good. (Like that one person who goes and ruins things for everyone else)  The top and bottom floors seem to have some contest for who can throw the wildest  party. Well shit  hits the fan  (maybe even literally)and the castle falls.

It’s a slow build but not really sure if I like it or not.. I’m on the guard rail on this one.  Frankly I think this heavily depends on your tastes or even maybe where you are from, being as each country has its own style of genres and humor especially. AS for my mix tape of feelings I’d give it   C-

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