2016   PG  Blu-ray  1:48   **  Gennifer Goodwin, Jason Batemanm, Idris Elba,  Tommy Chong, J.K Simmons, Octavia Spenser IMDB


In Bunny Burrow a young Judy Hopps dreams of becoming a police officers, however no bunny has ever become one (sadly not mentioned if tried).   Judy goes to the academy and trains her tail off…and passes as valedictorian of her class. Her first day she’s put on Parking duty!

“You are not fine, Your ears are droopy”

The rams on the train gave me a laugh. It’s an Old trick but I think the fact it was rams (and just saying Rams on a train) made it funny.

Of course  Judy cracks the case of the missing otter and the other animals.

I could say if I were the analytical type that this is not just dealing with race (the different animals) but also possibly sexism being as a female bunny and ‘no bunny’ (sorry couldn’t resist) has become had previously become an officer.

The movie was only ok, and I wasn’t surprised to who the culprit was. as to re-watch-ability….its a one and done deal. Its not worth the purchase unless your kid wants to watch it over and over and over. Just rent it or wait for the cable.

order DVD, blu-ray or 3d or watch via Amazon  or print out & make a Hexaflexagon for the kids {–click image to enlarge and print

The 4 districts of Zootopia


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