LoveCraft Collection Interactive Nightmares: The Beast

Image result for lovecraft the beast in the cave kindle appI forget how, but one day I happened across this app for one of Lovecraft’s stories on my kindle (it’s also available on ios and android as well as the itunes store)

When I saw this i thought it sounded cool  so I downloaded it to give it a shot, besides, I don’t think I ever read anything of his.

The ‘book’ is 40-45 pages some with jsut text others with a little text and an animated image. Most of these animated images are the interactive parts. Touch the screen and it will change position or something. One or 2 of the text pages I tapped on even had something (one was a shadow that passed across the screen)  Some of these animated scene (after touching them) may not be as noticeable at first and others can give you a bit of a jump. One of them I think sent me into a gaggle of giggles.

It’s not really scary but then if you are a parent you just will have to check it out and judge for yourself.. you could even read it as a bedtime story I think. The ending is not really so scary it’s more the suspense. Anyone who may have a half hour to an hour (lunch, roadtrip, bedtime, even bathroom) I would recommend this to.

I’d liken this to an electronic ‘pop-up’ book, as if you think about it those were the interactive books (as well as the choose your own adventure books) before anything like this could be done.

I loved both types of those books, sadly I have only found 2 choose your own books one story when I was a kid (or a teen I forget) and most recently Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography.  I wish there were some pop-up books  (I know Dracula was made as one and it doesn’t look like its for kids) I think The Walking dead in some fashion or could be thinking of some other book of theirs.


Oh and the best thing…It was free!!

Free app for Kindle     and  for 99cents in case the free is no longer available


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