Summer Leaves news


NEWS Gene Wilder RIP

One of the funniest men to ever grace the silver screen, Willy Wonka star Gene Wilder died this week at the age of 83. [Read more…]


Fall Movie Preview 2016: 25 Films to See This Season

I’ve Updated the Premier schedule on the Telley Page  as I find out more dates I will add them. If there’s a show you are trying to find out about, leave a comment or Direct message me. Vikings, I have no idea as to the date, since the midseason finale they’ve said the 2nd half will be back in the fall. Being school is back in session it’s the fall (Sept-November is the fall) so WHEN pray tell does the 2nd half come back? I’ve been following the actors and the one that plays Ivar the Boneless, is the only one helping with the withdrawal!


Lennie James Has Stopped Speaking To People Because Of The Walking Dead Cliffhanger

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Premiere Synopsis Released

Death House is now open…with red band trailer

NEWS Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
Seems rumours of a Cursed Child movie trilogy were greatly exaggerated, with Warner shooting down chatter that the Harry Potter stage play will make its way to the screen anytime soon. [Read more…]

Star Trek: Discovery Title Explained By Showrunner
Stephen Amell On How He Would Feel If Green Arrow Is Recast For Movie Universe

10 Things we miss in the Vikings offseason 

Viking Blue Jays??   What the hell is the big deal with this guy?

FEATURE 25 Best War Movies
From Paths Of Glory to Platoon, counting down the 25 greatest war movies of all time. [Read more…]

Exclusive first look inside Gilmore Girls stars hollow

Should The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead Crossover?  (I think maybe when Fear is in its 3rd or 5th season) at least a flash back for any characters related to the other cast.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4: Five Villains We Want To See
5 Classic Nickelodeon Series That Need To Be Revived

Oh My Gods… this had me laughing and  when he goes ‘bald’ just freaked me out!

X-Men TV Series Legion: New Promos Released

A career in movie posters

It’s a movie quiz and you likely already heard the Captain America Question


New The Walking Dead Season 7 Photos Of The Sanctuary, Kingdom, And More
Joe Manganiello Cast As Deathstroke In Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie
Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War With Unnecessary Censorship Will Make Your Day

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