The Bronze

Image result for The Bronze2016  (HARD) R  1:10  blu-ray  Sebastian Stan,  Melissa Rouche, Thomas Middleditch,  Gary Cole,       IMDB


Former gymnast star and supremely foul mouthed and perverted  Hope Ann Gregory, is now a cranky bitter has-been living in the shadow of her former Olympic glory.  When her coach passes away, she is given the chance to coach up comer  Maggie, but plots to ruin her chances.

I literally fell off the couch laughing while watching when her father goes to wake her up! At least I’m not the only one who does that in my sleep. I guess the great timing on that plus the fact I’ve done that before is the reason I found it so funny, so if you don’t have the same reaction sorry for disappointing you.

The movie is the typical cliche sports movie. Either someone is injured (or gets in trouble) and has to persevere in some way.

When Lance shows up to check on Maggie’s progress, Hope is pissed as he’s supposed to take over Maggie’s training.  Maggie is somewhat pear shaped, and can’t get the jump and grab she needs for the high bars. Ruining her Olympic hopes. Then there’s a past Hope & Lance relationship…. all I’ll say is Nice tattoo I think I may have actually blushed (to what and where is the joke)

I’m sure that aside from the scenes mentioned, I’ll forget the rest of the movie.

Couldn’t stand the voice (really hope that’s not the actress’s real voice) and reminded me of Tonya Harding for some reason…

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