Triple 9

2016        R    1:55      Starring ** Norman Reedus, aaron Paul, Anthony Mackie, Woody Haraldson, Kate Winslet, Casey Affleck,

Clifton Collins Jr., Gal Gardot, Chiwetel Ejiofor   IMDB page

a cop is blackmailed by the Russian Mob, who he put the head away in jail, and seem to be holding his son for collateral.

I heard Norman Reedus was not in this long, but then I think I remember an article they filmed the movie while The Walking Dead was also being filmed (or close to start filming)   and was not far from the set. Hell he’s the reason I wanted to see it and I’m sure plenty of others went to see the movie.

After a bank heist these crooked cops  lay low (or so try) then are told they need to do one last job and that’s when you know things are going to go wrong.  It’s an omen and then while meeting up to plan things out, one of them shows up late  that’s bad news #2 and then #3 the idea of calling in a 999… which I never heard of before and asked out loud “What the hell is that” and woulnd’t ya know, the TV answered me! It the code for an officer down so that explains the title. Mackie’s character gets a new Partner (baby Affleck)  and he’s a by the book guy while Mack attack is more street and goes by instinct and improvises.

Woody is some sort of relation Casey affleck’s character and was not as rediculous as usual. (It was a good balance) There were parts that thrilled and then others where I’d be checking the time and how long the movie was on/had left to go . It’s pretty predictable Though, but jsut when you expect (want) a certain someone offed  there’s a twist of sorts. Not once but tice jsut not in the same scene.

C-   this is more a wait for cable…don’t have it or don’t want to?

Get it on DVD or Blu-ray via amazon   * or Amazon Video


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