Hail Caesar!

2016            PG-13            Comedy  1:46               from Universal Pictures Studios    IMDB Page

starring Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Chaning Tatum, Jonah Hill, Tilda Swinton  and Ralph Finnes


In 1950s Hollywood Detective or Publicist (whatever he is) Eddie Mannix fixes studio and marquee stars’ indiscretions. The story has some old fashion narration to give some back story and set up scenes. The tone and colors look right for the times and even some of the bad story ideas!

When Baird (Cloney) the lead in the new Capitol picture movie Hail Caesar is abducted from the set, Eddie has his work cut out for him. Only a letter to gather $100,000 and to wait for instructions is left.

WOW! ScarJo sounds quite good as a bitter woman, but sounds more like she’s 2-3 decades older than she looks.

I hope it’s jsut the make-up and if it’s not…. CLooney looks AWFUL! Has anyone understood WTF went on during that ‘meeting/study group’ of commies?

Tatum’s musical number at first had me doing the eye rolls (to the point where I may have seen my brain)  then I started to enjoy it. The poor bartender… the part where they are tap dancing on the tables was a bit of a laugh to me for some reason .

My Gods.. how many gallons of fake bake (that orange spray tan) did they use on this? Was that spray tan cause I don’t remember people looking orange from the 50s shows I watched in syndicate.

While the movie is supposed to be partially about this star named Baird being kidnapped or so it seemed in the trailers, we see more of Josh Brolin’s character making the rounds.


a couple of days later, I can barely remember anything aside from the TRUMP orange faces.    C-

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