The video reviews are by my friend Rich @ The B.A.R. and I won’t be seeing them in the theater and the reason I am posting them here

Harley-Davidson And Marvel Unveil Super Hero Custom Motorcycles

Captain america deleted scene teases more Black widow backstory

Guardians of the Galxay will be in 2018’s Avengers Infinity War

For once it was safe to assume  something and didn’t make asses out of you or me! Guardians of the Galaxy WILL appear in Avengers infinity war according to ‘Groot’

Is marvel hinting @ a Strange Doctor in Thor Ragnarok?

New Set Photo Contains Big ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Spoilers & Teases A New Villain

Nightmare on Elm st. getting another remake/boot 


Kevin Bacon Likes The Idea Of Playing Freddy Krueger   no, No, & NO!!!!!! Robert Englund or nothing at all


Sully Erna different kind of Tears lyric video 

American Horror Story Is Coming To Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights 2016

Clue is getting a remake. (actually I’ve seen the original and I liked it. Hopefully the remake will be jsut as good)

DC Entertainment Announces All-Day Live Stream Event


Marvel And Hulu Announce Runaways TV Series

Fargo’s Joey King Comes to The Flash as Magenta

Gotham Producers Confirm Jerome’s Laugh Was Heard In Season 2 Finale

Fear The Walking Dead Producer Updates Status Of The Walking Dead Crossover


Check Out Your First Look Behind the Scenes of Gotham’s Sirens


10 DC Characters We Want to See in Suicide Squad 2

When And How The Fear The Walking Dead Group Will Reunite

The Flash Season 3: 5 Things We Want to See

How Blockbuster could have owned Netflix 


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