Freaks of Nature

2015  R   Comedy, Horror   1:32 via cable   IMDB page

Nicholas Braun, Mackenzie Davis, Josh Fadem, Denis Leary, Ed Westwick, Vanessa Hudgens, Patton Oswalt,


IN the town of Dillford, humands, Zombies and Vampire all go to school together, its a true monster high (but where’s the witches & werewolves?)  For those of you that XOXO Chuck Bass  on Gossip Girl, did you ever think he looked a bit like a bat? I did and almost didn’t notice the new addition in his mouth!

during the Baseball game I didn’t expect dork boy to do that! Great arm!

Why would vampires make contact with aliens? and zombies meetings, I hope its nothing important because unless there’s a newly bitten person still transitioning to a Zombie nothing will happen if at all (LOTR fans, think the Ents)

So this had me laughing quite a bit and couldn’t stop smiling afterward, I had fun watching this even skipping watching my regular shows! A goofy blend of horror & comedy.

Now there’s one I always have to make note when vampires are involved…because for some reason I notice  and is how the actors who play the vampires take to their fangs. There are some you can tell either maybe they were made too long (like some in True Blood) as I was able to tell some of the actors even after a few seasons still didn’t seem comfortable. In this the girl that’s turned by Milan doesn’t seem to be all too comfortable with hers. There are a few signs I can tell either keeping your mouth open or the way you hold it open and a few other things which unless you are here for me to show you, I am not sure how to explain them. ‘Milan’ on the other hand, seemed to be a natural.

Whether you like horror or not, this is a worthy movie to watch. Some cheesyness, and just goofy fun.  I don’t remember any reason for it to have an R rating, but I think even some kids under 13 could watch. I mean it does take place with those that are supposed to be high school students. So why not have given a PG-13?

I think Ed Westwicks character shows just a little bit of the old Chuck Bass swagger which was coo, besides it was good he had it considering the character his plays.

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