The Education of Charlie Banks

2007      R    Drama  1:54   Directed by Fred Durst ,    IMDB page  * Starring*Jesse Eisenberg, Sebastian Stan, Jason Ritter,

Limp Bizkit’s frontman Fred Durst’s directorial debut!

Charlie’s high school history comes back to haunt him in the form of bully Mick. While he’s at college, Mick shows up in his dorm room  and inserts himself into Charlie’s life among his friends, steals his dream girl and shows up in his classes. Charlie you can see feels like he’s not part of his group.


For me it was a slow arduous story that if it weren’t for Sebastian Stan’s party animal  I would have likely turned it off, as it would work as a cure for insomnia. Jessie Eisenberg as usual comes off as an insecure dork. Every movie of (and I do try to avoid) his I’ve seen the way he moves and holds himself comes off as an abused animal to me. Now I know in this he should come off as insecure at least while Mick is around, but even before he shows up he looks like he’s read to be attacked.

Movie- D            Sebastian Stan/character B

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