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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Low-flying Star Destroyers! Man Vs AT-ACT! Rude robots! The new Rogue One trailer has it all. [Read more..

Vin Diesel Responds to The Rock’s Rant, Promises to Tell Fans ‘Everything’

Dolph Lundgren To Appear On Arrow Season 5  &

Arrow S5 will be the end of the Flashbacks 

The Justice League Has Started A Band
Rumor: Deadpool 2 Eyeing Kyle Chandler For Cable & Mackenzie Davis For Domino

Shane Black Wants To Do A Monster Squad Sequel


The first one I like.. looks like Loki! The SLimer one I had to laugh at, never noticed the ‘family resemblance’ & The Dr. Seuss one gave me a smile…

godsmack-sully-erna-hometown-life-song-premiere  Keep in Mind this is NOT a godsmack song this is Sully’s solo project and the songs are more (I think you could say) light and melodic.


Man Of Steel 2

DC has taken another kicking of late, with Suicide Squad going down like a fart in a lift, but it seems plans are afoot for another solo Supes movie. [Read more…]

“Arrow’s” Amell Addresses Oliver’s Political Leanings & His Hopes for a Flash Forward

17    of the 1990s horror movies that need remakes
Plenty of horror films get unnecessary remakes, but here are 17 ’90s horrors that could really do with another shot at big screen success. [Read more…]

Lance Henricksen Cast as JSA’s Obsidian on Legends of Tomorrow

“The Flash” & “Supergirl” to Stage Musical Crossover Event

The CW President Mark Pedowitz Confirms Flashpoint Bleeds Into Other DC Shows

“Gotham” Debuts New Season 3 Footage

New Look At Pennywise In Stephen King’s It Reboot
Stephen King’s The Dark Tower First Footage To Debut In October

Star Wars’ Peter Mayhew Writes Heartfelt Remembrance Of Kenny Baker

Rouge One A Star Wars Story Had The Biggest Social Media Buzz Over Past Week

‘Vikings Season 4’ Return: Lagertha And Aslaug Come Head To Head In A Battle For The ‘Endgame’

Is Tony Stark Going To Cameo In Doctor Strange

Kenny Baker, R2-D2 of “Star Wars,” Passes Away



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