Scream season 2

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The new season of Scream is here with a new mystery to solve. Did you figure out the last one Scooby gang?

Well I had the killer in my suspect list, so now the question is who is Piper’s accomplice?

For me last seasons most memorable moment and mutilation was   Emma’s ex-boyfriend.


So to start off this preview / review

Here’s a vid of ‘Jake’ and the first 7 minutes of season 2  episode 1


Season Premiere (haven’t read so there might be spoilers one picture definitely is)

So enough with the B.S. or should I say knife and ice pick play… on with the review

After the events of last season with the ending on the dock, Emma… as someone put it “went a little bonkers”.  She’s coming back home and the group is throwing her a welcome home party.  For the first scare I’ll just say Audrey is working, but is getting creepy texts. So our ‘Lakewood 6’  characters are in danger again and I’m guessing this time there are no rules.

Some dumb kids play a prank on Audrey  the town hero  by dressing up as the killer in the mask and cloak and make a play to act like they are going to kill her; (what dumb asses, PTSD people you don’t want to mess with those that have it!) They must think that she’s not going to bust a move and grab something pointy or blunt to defend herself with?  Hey numb nuts.. you deserved to be stabbed… more so get a lobotomy! That’s not a prank, its just asking for trouble!

30-33 minutes in While they are in Psych class

“Dreams are the psyche dealing with our problems”

Does the dream analysis fall under the id or ego?

  That dream stuff, I’m guessing we are going to have some sort of Nightmare on Elm street theme to this season. They’re severely taunting Audrey, so is Piper back some how or is it , someone we know and love or maybe one of the creepy new kids?

Kiran’s creepy Cousin Eli,  The New cop’s son Gustavo,  Noah’s sweetie Zoe or the psych teacher? Or could it just be Audrey as she seems to be the accomplice from last season burning letters, and anything to cover it up. I’ve gotten bad vibes from Eli & Gustavo but I think Eli is creepier so I will go with him as my #1 choice for slasher! As for a choice of character from last year has Emma really flipped and is now subconsciously killing off her friends? Is someone just trying to frame her?  Will it be someone we are fond of as fans as in Noah or if looks cool kill eye candy Kiran?

There was also a ‘Scream After Dark’ show which is a half hour, I think I’ve only caught it 2x. The intro credits are cheesy (but funny) and made to look like an old sitcom. Host Jeffery, I’m not digging so far.  They have interviews with those who get killed off the show. So I’ll have to start watching these but I don’t think they come on right after the show. Also jeers to MTv for not re-airing the episode from the same night another hour or 2 later. There’s some goofy bits and others that I just had to roll my eyes at.

As to who the culprit  is this time,  I’ll never tell! BUT I was surprised

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