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So for the first time in my life I actually got the chance to see the movie!

A young boy finds a curious game board in in a trunk buried in a construction site not far from his father’s factory. When his parents want to send him off to some boarding school he ‘runs away’. He was really sucked into the game and for I think it was 20 or maybe 30 years, until a new family moves into his old home. The children find the board and begin to play, Williams’ character shows up after one of them rolled a 5 or was it an 8? The life he knew, parents and factory now gone and he looks like a pauper.


“Just ignore him, he’s a Libra”

Honestly I think this cold use a remake at least as far as the fake animals go, and there will be one with ‘The Rock’ & Tom Holland  in 2017!

I remember the trailer with the stampede of animals through the living room.


While watching I wondered if there was a Jumanji 2, with a backstory as to how the board was made and its origins.

That poor new cop car…

The movie was ok, but i didn’t see the thrill of it. Not sure if the 1995 me would have liked it better.

It’s ok, but needs an FX update…


Are You Game?


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