SDCC News Con pt 2

Happy August!! My tenosynovitis (sp?)  has been acting up so I haven’t been able to do much, plus I was at my Aunt’s house and the computer is annoying keeps not responding and so on so  Hopfully I’ll get some of my reviews typed up today so I can start posting again.  Here’s some suicide squad stuff to get you psyched hopefully you enjoy if you go. I’ve got a full week ahead of me tomorrow is my cat Sully’s ‘birthday’ then mom & dad’s anniversary then I have an appt. then finally Suicide Squad & then a family reunion the day after.  So hope you all have had and continue to have a great summer (sadly I didn’t get to the beach in some form and esp. not Cape May)


I hope you like this roundup of news I collected from Comic con


SDCC: “Luke Cage’s” Coker Compares “Defenders” To X-Men, Wu-Tang & Voltron

Comic-Con Trailers: The Best of the Best, Ranked

SDCC: “Gotham” Cast, Producers Tease Court of Owls, Cult of the Joker in S3

10 Horror Movie Movie Moments That Will Make You Sleep With the Lights On


Grrr no idea why they post segments from talk shows this way, instead of one video from a whole segment with whatever guest instead of a bunch of videos, so my apologies. & if there’s any doubles from the last news .. sorry.

Suicide Squad: We Need Them Bad Sweepstakes

Box Office Meltdown: Hollywood Races to Win Back Summer Crowds

Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie stars on Empire’s subscriber cover

Christopher Nolan Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Scream Queens  Cecily Strong to Guest-Star — Plus: a Major Time Jump and More Season 2 Scoop I think I saw Taylor Lautner in a pic for the show….

‘Cursed Child’ play gets rave reviews

Pacific Rim 2 will see many original characters return, says Guillermo del Toro!

SDCC: DC Comics Makes the Jump from Page to Screen in Behind-the-Scenes Panel

SDCC: Conversations with Joss Whedon

SDCC: Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” Cast & Crew Declassify Season 4

LOOK: Ezekiel Makes His “Walking Dead” Debut at SDCC

The Craziest Details of the Guy Ritchie ‘King Arthur’ Trailer

WATCH: “The Walking Dead” Season 7 Trailer is Finally Upon Us

I Ain’t Afraid of No Bros: How “Ghostbusters” Empowers Female Fans (I’m a female and no, don’t think so)


‘Bleak House’: A tour inside Guillermo del Toro’s creative man cave

Video! Check Out the ‘Game of Thrones’ Blooper Reel

SDCC: “Agents of SHIELD” Revs Up for Ghost Rider with Fiery Teaser, Car Reveal

SDCC: Marvel’s “The Defenders” Unleashes First Teaser Trailer

WATCH: Marvel Debuts First “Luke Cage” Footage, Trailer

SDCC: Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” Debuts First Trailer

SDCC: AMC Sets “The Walking Dead” Season 7 Premiere Date

SDCC: “Aquaman” Movie Reels in “Gangster Squad” Screenwriter

SDCC: Playing “Pokemon Go” at Comic-Con Brings Out the Very Best

SDCC: “The Walking Dead” S7 Teaser Builds Suspense for Reveal of Negan’s Victim

“Fear the Walking Dead” Rips Into SDCC With Season 2B Trailer

SDCC: “Gotham” Warns “Heroes Will Fall” in First Look at Season 3

‘Vikings’ Boss Says Season 4B Is “Monumental” as “Change Is in the Air”

Mallrats 2: Kevin Smith Offers Update, Teases Returning Cast


WATCH: First “Iron Fist” Teaser Trailer

SDCC: Marvel’s “Iron Fist” Unveils First Footage with New Teaser Trailer

Justice League”: 10 Biggest Takeaways from the Comic-Con Sizzle Reel



Whedon, Tancharoen Reveal How “Agents of SHIELD” Will Merge Science & Magic

Q&A: James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd on How to Save Moviegoing


Watch The Justice League Assemble On Stage At Comic-Con                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Scott Derrickson Says Doctor Strange Starts The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

Michael Keaton Thinks Beetlejuice Sequel Ship Has sailed                                                                  

The Exorcist Unveils Disturbing New Key art

iZombie Mega Buzz: Will Zombies Become Public Knowledge?

    Supernatural Adds Rick Springfield to Season 12 

Watch Every TV Trailer From San Diego Comic-Con                      


jared-leto on heath-ledger-joker


BEST BETS: “Jessica Jones,” “Big Trouble/Escape from New York” & More October 2016 Highlights



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