2015  R 1:22 Scott Eastwood as Jackson   modern western


a Former soldier suffering from PTSD 7 years after after the civil war in Colorado (territory). He sets out to save his wife Cassandra Alexandra (something like that) has been abducted just as he gets home, and along the way he unravels as the memories of the conflict come flooding back. He’s able shoot one, and when he catches up to him, the Mexican tells him he’ll get what he deserves and that he is damned. (WTF did he do?)

Ok this movie is getting head trippy, is he supposed to be a ghost, otherwise why would his own wife, would start screaming when she sees him? Did he finally crack and has split personality disorder? I am still so not getting it but that is how you end a movie! And I like that last shot or 2, seemed vintage.

I originally order this for my father and I’m not crazy about westerns, but I thought why not give it a try. for me it was a weak story, but then maybe you can figure out what to me is the head trip. I do give it bonus points for the climatic end none of that epilogue crap most other movies do.


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Now I mainly posted the cover art for one main reason… They say Scott looks so much like his dad when he was young. I caught a minute of a Clint Eastwood movie one day while channel surfing, I don’t remember what the title was but for those of you that have seen Clint’s westerns, I’m sure you will recognize this pose; as it’s the reason I’m mentioning this. The scene I saw of Clint, he was posed like this and I said DAMN!~ History DOES repeat itself!  And That has to be creepy,  looking at your son who looks just like you when you were around that age!


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