The Finest Hours

2016, PG-13      action, drama, history,    1hour & 57 minutes

Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Eric Bana Casey Affleck, Josh Stewart, Holliday Grainger

During a blizzard in 1952 that hits Cape Cod hard, 4 members of the Coast Guard set out to attempt the rescue of an oil tanker split in half by the furious wave of the huge Atlantic storm.

Chris Pine plays Bernie  Webber who starts the movie on a double date to meet Miriam, who will late become his finance.

1 thing I liked.. the intensity of the scene where they are in the storm, charging through and over the massive waves! (as I called it reverse surfing), and the sound on the tv (even though watching on an analog tv and no speaker set up) it sounded like you were in the storm with them… I early jumped when I heard the first wave!

Something I didn’t like… UGh the New England accents drive me nuts, I don’t think I understood what they were saying at least a quarter to half the time, and worse so when in the storm.  Also, not sure if you call them subtitles, when they  tell you the setting and date or some of the after story, but the damn writing was so tiny I couldn’t even read it with 20/25 vision. Oh sure you could read part of the actor names during the credits but not these ‘subtitles’

I don the real story is (if this in fact is based on a true story, as I can’t seem to find the name of the ship that did capsize ) but leave it to Disney to ‘fudge’ something like this. Stick to the animation stuff, you do better with it.

Most under used character/Actor… Ben Foster, honestly he was there to basically just mumble his lines what few he had and just stood there like a creepy stalker the rest of the time. Honestly they didn’t even have to include his character as aside from Bernie talking to him during the rescue he really did nothing until they had to save the shipwrecked.


Instead of Finest, they should have called it the last wave, Cape wave, maybe even Wavering hours

D+         Available via dvd, blu-ray & Amazon instant video here


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