The Boy

2016, PG-13, 1:38, HOrror,Thriller     ***Lauren Cohan, Ben Robson, Rupert Evans,


American Nanny Greta is hired by a British couple, only to discover upon arriving at the estate that her charge is not actually a boy but a doll and these parents insist on him being treated as a flesh and blood child.

The doll is not really all that creepy nor is the movie; a little eerie maybe, even foreboding movie wise.

If I were one of those people who nit pick analyze a movie to its underlying moral, I’d say its a metaphor for abusive relationships, as there are really  2 forms of it in here. One there’s the doll that basically lets you have no life aside from the house and the delivery guy coming which would be emotional (and) or mental, and 2 there’s Greta’s ex which is physically abusive. (but I am not that sort of person as there are times and plenty you’d be wrong. Be it a movie, tv show, book, poetry or music… unless you are able to find out from the writer itself, one should not do this. Someone thought a poem I wrote about an actual Storm (titled as such as well) was about drugs (I don’t do them and likely I wouldn’t write about it if I did!)

There is other odd things going on besides the doll moving around, or is it really the doll? Did their son really die or has he lived on and just hiding out somewhere to freak the couple or outsiders out?

D       available via DVD & Blu-ray on amazon


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