Gods of Egypt

20016    PG13    Blu-ray  2:07    action, adventure, fantasy

stars Gerard Butler, Nikolaj  Coster- Waldau Brenton Thwaites, Chadwick Boseman


Inspired by Egyptian mythology Horus on his coronation day is dethroned by his uncle Set the God of Darkness who also kills his  father. Vowing to avenge his father Horus joins forces with the Goddess of Love and the clever mortal thief Bek. Bek gets one of Horus’ eyes back and from there they set out to put an end to Set’s tyrannical dictatorship.

Well THAT was cool… the Gods bleed gold! and no you are not seeing things, they’ve made it so that the actors that are playing the gods, are taller than those playing mortals. I do like they did that so you know who is who, or should that be who is what?

A sparkle & shine feast for the eyes (man a dragon would love this movie), but sadly the story is not so hot, thankfully I didn’t see it in the theater which wouldn’t be worth seeing it for the price, for discount day for the eye feast maybe… but still I think I would ask my money back. I’d say this should have been made for straight to video and blu-ray only as I don’t think dvd or any other video version would be as nice to see it on.

I’m also a bit pissed off, as the Goddess Bast/Bastet was not represented among the gods or at least not that I could find. Oh and the winged goddess, those are more beautiful than a peacock’s feathers (can’t remember the name of the goddess though)

There’s not much good about the movie other than if those costumes of the gods (minus Set’s gladiator look, give it back to Russell Crowe)  were real and NOT 100% CGI which I would be surprised if there was anything practical in it aside from the actors!


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