The Witch: A new England Folk tale

2015  R  1:32   horror, thriller, period drama



set in 17th century New England the netflix sleeve says devout Christians but wouldn’t these people be puritans (or is it the same thing?) if they are in New England at this time? Anyway a family seems to be banished from their village, to live on the edge of the wilderness and after the hardships that happen to fields and so on around the farm, they fear the devil amongst them.

There’s pauses of a black screen between what you could say is each chapter; but they are a little too long, especially once the movie is over or so I thought. I ended up having to rewind back to the last part i remember seeing.

tell me this isn’t creepy… Watches witch movie, reviewing it and while doing so my black cat come strolling in and sits on my journal I write my drafts in!!!!

There’s a part reminiscent of the Witch Trials where the 2 little siblings act as though the older sis is hexing them. I didn’t find any of the acting to be outstanding, I think anyone could have been swapped in or out of the roles.

I found it to be quite average (or worse) as basically any witchcraft story of New England goes. There’s no entertainment value and the story really is quite predictable, and not worth more than a watch if even that.

it’s certainly not thrilling, nor does it feel suspenseful at all with who may or may not be the witch. Sholdn’t we feel that mounting though or at least some intensity?

I’d say this is one to be thrown atop the flaming trash tower.

Watch the Craft, or practical magic instead, even the covenant is better even with all the cheesy grins.

Don’t believe me… Here’s the Amazon link for whatever format you need


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