In the heart of the sea

2015             PG-13               2;02           Blu-Ray      action, adaptation,classic novels, Period, drama, adventure

Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson,Tom Holland,  Frank Dillane (more on IMDB )


The easiest way to explain is its the story of  Moby Dick, the true tale of the Whaling ship Essex chroniclingthe 90 day struggle  from the 1820s when the ship was rammed by a huge sperm whale  and sunk, stranding what’s left of the crew, and losing its oil.

Hemsworth plays Owen Chase, whose family are farmers, is a very good seaman. Sadly the sea farring families don’t see this and he’s corked into being a 1st mate, again. Captained by George Pollard played by Benjamin Walker and 2nd mate  Matthew Joy  played by Cillian Murphy

So we have a few spots of humor and well, the 1st mate has a ‘cure’ which is just NOT a good idea to do to someone with sea sickness, poor greenhorn! THis poor character ends up having to do everything no one else wants to, like being sent into the belly of the beast for what’s left but a puddle of oil in the whale they catch.


I’m mixed on how I feel. I wasn’t exactly disappointed, nor was I thrilled either.  Maybe this is one of those you actually have to read the book, but the movie hasn’t made me want to read it like some others or even tv shows have made me want to read their source material.

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