Flight 7500

2015, PG-13,  Horror, Thriller   1:19   Ryan Kwanten, Jerry Ferrara (aka ‘Turtle’)  Leslie Bibb, Amy Smart

A Plane from L.A. to Tokyo is shaken by sever weather. When a passenger dies, a supernatural force is unleashed.

The title screen was nice and simple pretty colors.

So it’s not creepy, or spooky or at all suspenseful, but there’s a twist I didn’t see coming until maybe a few minutes before the reveal.

I’d call it a cross between Final Destination, Meets Twilight Zone, meets ???

I don’t have much to say about it as if I say anything more I’d spoil it for those of you that may be interested in it.

I will say this though.. what the heck is in that box is cool kinda creep and well…. as morbid as it is I want one! Ha


If you’re interested here you can buy the dvd or watch via Amazon video


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