Brain Dead

CBS Monday’s 1 hour    Political Thriller/dramedy


I’ve seen a variety of genres throughout this in the premier, so if you are not into all the political speak you may enjoy the underlying mystery.

Now I’m not one for politics at all yet watching a tv show based around it. Frankly all the Republican democrate crap… gives me a head ache (and get a little confused on what each platform stands for, but really don’t care… as I usually have a mix of all including the wings etc) for me, I think politics need to be gone… just get a monarchy going things would (hopefully) be more peaceful as at least we aren’t in the age where ….sorry getting off point,


So as I was say I’m not into Politics let alone in my tv viewing but something in the commercial piqued my interest to watch.

Not sure what it was but I guess there was something that was a bit funny to me, as well as a bit odd, which could be the reason  for my curiosity. In the first 5 minutes, I have no idea what’s going on, its as if you walked into a party late and at full swing and missed the rules of some game being played.

Laurel is a film documentarian working on some sort of project  and getsstuck working in her brother the senator’s (?)office.

Oooh k…. what the hell does a dive for a meteor have to do with politics?Not to mention what looks like a scene from Piranha (a swarm of fish (not sure if that specific) are all lined up looking ready to attack!   I don’t know… the story telling here, seems to be all over the place; at least to me.

There seems like there will be some sci-fi or horror aspects to it as well as there is a video of a man being attacked by something that came out of a container from Russia and was signed by the office Laurel is working in.

I think you could say there’s some dry wit to this as well and WTF? is that ‘Hive’ from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or some whacked out roboants?  Capital building…..oooh K, this show is weird so far. Apparently the drones of the U.S. senate will not just be in the metaphoric sense but I’m thi king those ants are some sort of terrorist plot and each will take over the person to become a literal drone.

“We’re famous; it’s like Hollywood with uglier people”  

that line (from Laurel’s brother) gave me a chuckle… because its too true!

Run for the bunker… it’s the attack of the ant people….and with that I think my ant drone theory is correct! at least it adds mystery and something actually interesting instead of a bunch of polticababble.


OH! so THAT’s why the show is called BRAIN DEAD… that part was morbidly funny.

So basically its a weird goofy Political drama with sprinklings of some sci-fi horror and wit to it. oh yeah and Tony Schaloub

I think I’ll give it another couple watches to see if it’s worth my time, but then again I don’t think there’s much on monday’s to watch so I may be stuck with it!


Watch it here via amazon video


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