How would you describe Summer movies to an alien?

Describe Summer movies to an alien

I believe I got the idea for this post from a question on

I find it to be somewhat of a hard question..but at the same time not so much! Although, the first third of summer movies have past with May, I thought in honor of the Summer equinox on the horizon (monday the 20th) that I’d share this with you

For one, I’d have to mention as I put it “Marvel May” or May Marvels  as in There’s usually always one marvel movie to come out every May, (and for how many years now? I want to say a decade but and not 100% sure on that or if it’s more)

I guess one way I’d explain would be Summer movies help you escape your world and life usually without having to really think about what is going on. They are extravagant, (usually) big budget, action packed, FX laden monstrosities that take flight like that of Marvel’s creations and sometimes fall so hard, that you didn’t realize they were even out.

In our time of too much technology usage, and desensitized to too much CGI and FX use. Some however can still surprise you, especially when they use practical FX or even a fantasy epic that is all CGI (or at least half) and how much better motion capture and computer arts have come along. Specific Movies or franchises I think of when it comes to the summer… I think Comic Superheroes especially in 2016’s case  Marvel’s Capatin America vs. Ironman, (which did the Superhero on Superhero ‘fight’ just right unlike DC’s batman vs Superman…)  Party movies like Sorority Rising. and an influx of Sci-fi (Star Trek: Beyond) and Fantasy (WarCraft) movies as well as maybe more animated ones than there are when the kids are in school.

Sadly I find those who edit or decide on what scenes from the movies makes it into the trailers need to learn what to keep out of the trailers not to ruin the movie, showing the big stunt which by the time you see the movie you’re like Oh HUM…Lame….or as in my case with Batman vs Superman I didn’t even want to see the movie anymore as it was shown too often (every commercial break) which to me usually means they are feeling self-conscious about it, and possibly doubting that its even good. They give too much away a lot of the time  that, once you watch the movie you realize you saw all you needed to see in the trailer.



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