hytekautomation.comimages3Dhand2This article was inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine that can be found here If you’d like to see what started this article. It was one of my answers, but I thought maybe the discussion would help you to understand in some way however to me just saying it’s cinematographic garbage is not a legitimate answer as well as when he says I’m looking at it from ‘my enjoyment’

I’m not going to be tacky in my reviews and constantly say ‘if you can digest 3-D (as in it doesn’t make you nausea, or you have some  problem with your eyes (or other health issue) that makes watching the format a problem etc),  go see it that way.

My friend mentioned how Pop-up books are all in good fun but usually lose their enjoyment when they get in the way of the story. Now I remember Pop-up books and aside from the Dracula one I’ve heard about,  which I still need to get they are unusually only made for kids.  I do so miss them, but remember they didn’t have much of a story to them. Now I’m not sure how they did the pop-up for the Dracula because I also remember those books having tabs to pull and slide to make things pop out (maybe there’s one to make Dracula pop out of his coffin? or one you slide so he flies as a bat)  but as with 3d, if utilized the right way the enjoyment won’t be lost and with that I’m talking from a perspective opinion, not enjoyment as I have yet to find one of these books for an adult. (Oh bad thought there, imagine if there were porn ones…. lol and yeah I just became Homer Simpson saying ‘Doh! to having that thought!) There’s another ‘gimmick’ have you ever read one of those ‘Choose your own adventure’ books? The one I remember reading I absolutely enjoyed as you can read that sort of book over and over and likely never have the same story twice. Well I had not read one since I was a kid, but thankfully one of my favorite actors, Neil Patrick Harris, did his autobiography/memoir (whatever you want to call it) in this format. For my choices it ended up a short read, but it was a refreshing way to read a book, and I think that is one reason I like how James Cameron used the 3D formate for Avatar. No Silly gags, just using it to enhance, the world of Pandora (which for those of you that do not know, is actually a moon of Saturn, if I remember right)

3d lifelikeIs 3d a gimmick? when someone uses it as an enhancement (at least in my eyes) to submerge you further into the world you are watching. then NO. When everyone jumps on the band wagon to make a few extra bucks (which they aren’t making anything extra as they are paying more to format it to 3d) then YES it’s a gimmick and one would grow weary of watching them and why I am pretty strick in what I watch when movies do come out in 3d. (I’m still surprised Star Wars hasn’t done so as that would look awesome to me) another option is the movies made as 3d doing the cheesy sort of old school stunts like thowing an axe at the camera yes THAT is 100% when 3d is gimmicky. If it’s used for one part or 2 in a movie yeah then it’s a gimmick, but I see it as if a movie is made in a certain way to utilize the technology of it then it’s not a gimmick to me, but enhances the image and experience. is it about enjoyment, that I’m not sure on but as I said enhances the experience and immerses you more so in the film. (I remember when I went to see Avatar and one other film that was in 3d, and I did not notice once anyone screwing around with their freaking phones. So I was either enveloped in the story fully maybe partially due to the enhancement or maybe the story was just interesting enough I didn’t want to choke whoever around me was talking or texting on the phone. (which is rare!)

Compared to the 3d of old (as in 1980s) like what was it Godzilla & King Kong in the 80s to now… thank gods we don’t have to watch with those red & Blue cardboard glasses anymore (which I do have a pair somewhere around here) that version I would say was quite the gimmick but because as far as I remember it was only 2 movies that were done like that (and shown on WPIX) it wasn’t as much of a ‘gimmick’. Do some producers or directors whoever’s idea it would be to use it in a movie over use it? Yes, the popularity of something makes something a gimmick. All the Superhero movies be they come in threes or more those are a gimmick just like when you mention the ‘cheap frights scare tactics’ like a loud noise to make us jump… that’s a gimmick as well. I can for arguments sake (which I don’t want this to actually be) can say EVERYTHING used in movies no matter the genre is a gimmick. Hell social media sites are gimmicks especially being as they are used to market ourselves and advertise our blogs, and other websites we write or Vlog on.

IMAX_3D_Digital_CameraOh and did I forget to mention that if it’s Filmed as a 3D movie like Avatar was , not adding it after the fact,  is partially what I mean by ‘enhancing the movie and utilizing the format’

So what’s your opinion? and if you do leave a comment and are not one for the 3d format  please do note if you have a ‘health’ issue that you are not able to watch the format. and if not then why you do not care for when it’s used to ‘enhance’ the picture.


Of course after finding this I come along with what seems like a better history of 3-d

granted the next one is  7 minutes long but a much better explanation of the history (instead of the above where they explain the technique with photos. This is the better version and the history is more defined as to the very first movie to use the format which was in the 1920s! What movies have used the format and so on. (keep in mind the person made this before Avatar came out but was on its way to being released) Also I guess in a more articulate way the person explains how I feel about on how to use the format. one other note… when they say history repeats itself? it’s true, i mean things I grew up with are cool again the Millennials are supposedly going through a 90s nostalgia (and yeah I really miss those days, cool music, although the baggy clothes well….) I saw those plastic chains and charms the last time I was in michael’s which was a big fad I think in the 80s I mean the 60s & 70s flare jeans were in and of course they came back into style sometime in the early 2000s (if I remember right) honestly forget skinny jeans, the flares look better on ya!  (more after the videos)


and If interested here’s a 2 part history & I swear that’s all….

I notice one gimmick with 3D (and not for the enhancement of a movie) the use of using the format for the 3rd movie in a franchise. I also have to mention all of which were the worst of the series, using the cheese gags. This unless maybe used in a slapstick comedy is not my idea of using 3d. Action movies, the stunts would look awesome especially like the Point Break of 2015, those parts could have utilized the 3d format especially in the part where they are cliff jumping.

Now I remember way at the start I had mentioned that I am pretty strict with what I see in 3D, and I am really not sure how to explain that or maybe i should phrase that as to

  What is the best (type of) movies to see in 3D 

or how best to select one.

I’m one of those people that can be goofy and all and on the occasion yeah I like a cheesy schlock-fest so depending on ones tastes also need to be taken into consideration. Now my friend who I was discussing this with had said I am only




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