Under the Dome


Mike Vogel Rachelle Lefevre Colin Ford  Eddie Cahill  Dean Norris  Alexander Koch Full CAST listing

Based on the book by Stephen King (no have not read) the fictional town of Chester’s Mill mysteriously ends up covered in an invisible dome. Trapped inside with no contact from the outside the residents must learn all they can about the dome. It almost becomes somewhat of a ‘god’ figure. I’m surprised they didn’t have some nutty cult but then who know there could end up being one.   The characters need to try to figure out what the dome is, why and how.  Is it some government experiment, from otherworldly beings, or something else?


The Pilot episode of season one  has a really cool gory shot, that hooked me from there.

Season 1

a Mysterious Dome envelops the town of Chester’s Mill, slicing a cow in half. One of my favorite scenes of the entire series. One of the town’s young adults finds a weird glowing egg. There’s Big Jim and junior, Big J is hard ass and the town jackhole. His son just wants to get out from under his shadow. There’s Julia whose husband is dead, and an outsider Dale Barbara aka ‘barbie’, who is x-military (black ops?) and has some deep dark side. Some think the dome is a  government experiment of some sort.Follow the butterflies. (Sorry but if I have to follow any insect except for a lady bugs or lightning bugs… the world would be in some serious trouble). The dome at times almost seems like a god figure, where if someone does something sometimes something good or bad comes of it. This isn’t the first time one of the eggs has been found. Some of the older generation of the inhabitants came across one of these eggs once before. Junior’s mother had visions of it and so on.
Under the Dome: Season 1


Season 2

Can’t remember I guess season 1 & 2 are more of a jumble for me

Under the Dome: Season 2

Season 3

What did the narration from the past seasons say 3 months or 3 years?  Ewww ectoplasm but there’s no ghosts …yet or are there? Now that was an impressive ‘fireworks’ display to start the season but what will the consequences be. Oh Yummy  Mike Vogel in Tac gear… there’s time travel or flashbacks or maybe an alternate universe  not sure which we have here, but things are getting crazy!  Maybe its an alternate dimension/universe, being as the ectoplasm is there. Whatever the case.. this show has hurt my head. My bet is parallel/alternate universe/dimension. It took a few years but I now Officially dub this ‘the new Lost’.  Sadly though it is the last season.

Most of the townsfolk are in some cocoons, and are dream/living another life. One where those that have past may still be living and others who believe their love is dead and are with another.  Its more of a brainwashing than dreams. I’m not even going to say what those Cocoons remind me of besides giant turds. Christine and Eva I don’t like right from the beginning, not because they are new characters to the show but I just don’t like their vibe, and so far… my 6th sense hasn’t done me wrong!
Under the Dome: Season 3     OR if you prefer to try the book(s)   Under the Dome: A Novel


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