The Diabolical

2015          NR                 Ali Larter            1:26   Sci-fi     Horror    Thriller


Terrified single mother Madison is plagued by nightly disturbances in her home by a malignant presence. Her daughter talks to it, thinking its her father.

During a manifestation Madison’s boyfriend comes in and sees it. in short it becomes his latest science project.

Wait how did the spirit get corporeal? I did see her whack the entity didn’t I? and it’s caught in the door? WTF!!! HOW

I thought this was a haunting but I also wondered why there was always a flash of light before and after the ‘ghost’ showed up. Well there’s a surprising twist to it but what about the ‘meat suits’?

I’d say being it’s not a basic haunting it was cool  and worth a watch… and sorry I can’t say more without ruining



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