Victor Frankenstein

2015  PG13 1:50  James McAvoy Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel plays a smart hunchbacked clown in a circus who is writing an anatomy book. Victor shows up and rescues him from his abusive life after saving one of his circus mates lives.

Victor’s flatmate Igor is a morphine addict and ‘is hardly ever there’, so the hunchback is supposed to say he’s Igor. Good old ‘Frank’ fixes the hunch, gives him a brace to straighten up his back and gets him cleaned up. And like magic he looks human and becomes Victor’s assistant with more of a moral compass than Victor. Ugh! The ghastly creature they first bring to life, looks like something from an old zombie movie.

I’m not sure if I can pin point why the movie didn’t do well but one reason is (at least for me) it felt like there was no heart.

If you are a fan of the actors then you might want to watch, especially the at first (almost?) unrecognizable Radcliffe in the beginning. Otherwise for an update to the Frankenstein story watch the show Second Chance.



If you still want to watch, you can order most formats Here via amazon


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