Captain America: Civil War


2016  Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, superheroes, Comic adaptation  146 minutes

Chris Evans,, Robert Downey Jr. ,Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, & the rest of the usual suspects  add Paul Rudd as Ant-man and Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther + too many more to list…  via IMDB
Directed by Anthony & Joe Russo one of which makes a cameo!


News Update…July 5th captain-america-civil-war-blu-ray-includes-the-usual-bonus-features-plus-a-doctor-strange-preview/

…..Captain America: Civil War Crosses $400 Million At U.S. Box .

“Captain America: Civil War” Blasts Off to $200.2 Million Internationally

Captain America: Civil War Projected For Top Five Opening Weekend  Forget top 5 I’d say #1

Captain America: Civil War #1 Movie In The World TV …

Passes Deadpool at the Box office

Captain America: Civil War Wins Second Weekend At Box Office,


The Preview


Here’s my reviews of Captain America : The First Avenger and Winter Soldier

The Short of it…..Political interference puts our heroes at odds and  pits them against one another.

Fearing the past actions of our superheroes (it’s not like they hurt you, they saved your asses you traitors) our government wasn’t to pass a bill for the “Ant-hero registration act” which limits the heroes actions (& therefore likely with the limitations may not actually be able to help you or the world when in need). This leaves the Avengers divided. After his F** up with Ultron, Tony Stark is pro-act…that if it doesn’t happen cities would keep on being destroyed (I don’t see any way that could be avoided when you have an alien invasion going on). Cap with more common sense feels as though the government can’t be relied upon to protect the world. (They can’t protect us all… not with all those protocols, and going through the ranks to send an order by then the earth may no longer exist!)

Choose your side

Team Iron Man Iron Man, Black Panther, Vision, Black Widow, War Machine, and Spiderman

Captain America: Civil War Producer Explains Why Black Widow Chose Team Iron Man

Team Captain America (Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Sharon Carter, Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye, and Ant Man

How they recruited Spiderman and Black Panther

How Spider-Man Joined The Marvel Cinematic Universe

5 Times Captain America Was Your Favorite Avenger

Chris Evans Discusses Captain America’s Global Message, Making More Marvel Movies

 The Review

So I show up and someone is in a full body spidey suit!!! WTF is that about? (of course aside from the movie)

Before I even forget to mention it, Stan Lee’s cameo steals the show & beat out all his  previous (at least the most memorable by far) .  I think he may have even shown up our stars (or at least to me) and I’d call a Top 3 of the favorite jokes in the movie.

Civil war could work as a 3rd Avengers movie, after all everyone except Thor & Hulk are here plus some new faces.  I think it’s safe to say this is the best movie yet of Captain America and I think better than the original Avengers. This  makes Ultron look like Batflack vs superman.

With their quippy verbal low-balling insults Our favorite superhero ‘family’ are quite at odds, as if we are watching a dysfunctional family picnic.  While there is really no good or bad side, they have their reasons but Stark’s side is more out of guilt from the events of Ultron. This is a family reunion that like my dad’s side had when I was little had games for us… and gets way too competitive. Our Leaders of the Avengers Captain America and Iron man are at odds. Stark is still reeling after the events of Ultron  still have him shaken and even more so after the mother of one of the dead approach him.

We start in 1991 with a young Tony Stark (man was it freaky to see that effect my eyes kept saying it’s his face its not his face!)

and his parents.

In the present day in Lagos Nigeria on the heels of Ultron’s Sokovia damage, the governments of the world want to reign in our heroes , and see them now as nothing but vigilantes (but they are sometimes the better crime fighters, no protocols to follow and can likely get the job done quicker)  and want to put them under the oversight of the U.N. (yeah ok.. the countries can’t agree on other crap half the time they want to control where our heroes go etc which by the time they get their head out of their ass… would be decimated!)

As I previously mentioned Stark riddled with guilt takes a drink of the spiked U.N. Kool-aid leashing tightening plan. Cap sees this as a betrayal to the Avengers’ m.o.  With lines drawn, the rest of our heroes are left to choose sides, of course stark’s creations take his   side and Bucky and Sam who he recruited as Falcon on Cap’s.  Cap’s side has one more on his side than Iron-man (yes as far as we know they have no power other than on the inside or is that the person I’m referring to.. It could be one of our heroes that I am talking about having something up their sleeve! Black Widow though neutral sides with Iron Man and more flip flops with the situation.

The plot unlike Batman vs Superman is a juicy steak  and in all fairness our heroes actually face off an no cowardly cheats like Batman takes not to mention the one sided part of that ‘fight’  In Entertainment Weekly’s review they mention how the previous set of Avengers flicks there’s a tendency to feel overwhelmed …or cheated by the size of the cast …(.I never felt either way I thought they all got a fair share of time) and  that Civil War gives everyone just the right amount to do ‘Whether it’s showing their Gee-wiz smashy-smashy gifts especial one bravura battle royal at Leipzig Airport or a beat of character development. Our heroes are quite the bad guys nor are they the good guys but the true Antagonist of the film is Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo (need I make a fishy comment to that name?)

Bosman’s African Prince T’challa of Wakana  and the Black Panther is a fresh addittion to the gang and as far as what I saw in this, I can’t wait for the Kitty Cat’s solo movie!

“Two people can get more done in a room than 100”

-Prince T’Challa

(Then King T’Chaka said something to finish the quote)

We have teen  spiderling Peter Parker and oh gods.. I had to remind myself a time or two when he was on screen that I was not watching Deadpool! because he would ‘t shut up like the mouthy merc (Did Reynolds hi-jack that costume?) Actually one or 2 of the best parts of the movie was with the young web slinger. When stark goes to visit the kid calls him Spiderling and has  a dialog that will have us laughing for years…

Stark after calling the kid spiderling

Parker: Spider-man

Stark: Not in that onesie you’re not

and the crowd went wild… Oh and another..

I Can’t go to Germany, I have Homework


Another part I greatly enjoyed was Bucky’s ‘spotlight’ when he’s in Bucharest and Sebastian gets to speak in his native Romanian! then gets to kick ass (included)  and I don’t recall if it was shown in a previous Captain film but We now know the magic Words to turn the Winter soldier on. (oops.. after watching him & Sharon Stone on James Cordon… that’s a joke in its own right.

Frank Grillo’s Crossbones raids the Infectious Diseases building (but I don’t recall what it was supposed to be in the vial.)  Oh hell the Vikings need Falcons wing shield! I loved the choreography for his action scenes (stunts)  and he even has his own drone ‘Red Wing’.

All the action of the first like 15 minutes made me thirsty, and that’s just from watching. (If I were one of the stars in the movie I think they would have needed to hook an IV in my ass (literal or proverbial)!

The Sokovia Accords is a 1-2 inch thick book that would put our heroes under the supervision of the U.N panel with 117 countries wanting to sign it.

Conflict brings Catastrophe


For an $11 dollar matinee I got a trip around the world!  (What. The. Hell?! when did it get to be 11?  I mostly go to the discount day shows) anyway after that Warcraft (in 3d) and Suicide Squad will likely be the last ones seen on opening day or at least only when I know it will be awesome!

Man Bucky just makes you wish you had a metal arm (sounds funny to say that and not Metal head!) especially when heZi Approved MOVIE basically rips a motorcycle out from under its rider!  Zemo is trying to find some mission report from December 16, 1991.

At least this movie being as serious and intense as it is (unlike batman and Superman), still has the verbal barbs we love as well as some wisdom thrown in. You likely may think that one of our heroes will be gravely injured or may even die.

 What is the Raft?

Oh hey Stark.. nice Audi but why Orange?  I like the way they did the end credits with a shadow of each character’s symbol.


And don’t forget about those easter eggs in the credits!!!

Civil War gets the Cinema Sins treatment

spoiler alert

Civil War~ BEST scenes *14 Burning Questions *Behind the scenes  * Easter Eggs

things-we-love-about-captain-america-civil-war  #2 YES Please!*

 Captain America: Civil War Deleted Scenes And Missing Characters (VIDEO)

8 Marvel Movie Fights That Kicked All the Ass  make #1 Civil war

Other fodder


Thor Explains his absence 



Civil war created Civil war inside Marvel

How Robert Downey Jr was made Younger in Civil war

Full cast poster revealed 

Captain America: Civil War Screenwriters Address Marvel Villain Problem

12 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Iron Man Has


Black Widow Is The Hero Fans Want To See In ..

WHY isn’t there a Black Widow solo movie in the works? Scar Jo kicks as and can carry a movie on her own.. Can you say LUCY! that movie was awesome, and can’t wait for the 2nd. If  you must put Hawkeye in it even if it has to be a throwback to before they were avengers.

Vision Describes The Mind Infinity Stone In New Captain America:

High Res stills via CBR


I had a few other things here like characters Marvel stole from D.C. and remnamed (which were much cooler names lol) and I put my 2 cents in like Deathstroke and Deadpool.. don’t see but Deathstroke and Crossbones I’d say are the ones that are similar (as far as a likeness in costume goes)

10 Biggest Marvel Movie Plot Holes That Need Explanation

a goofy inerview with Chris Evans


1 Graze code



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