Vikings Mid-season 4 postmortem

Have Withdrawal symptoms yet? Last week I sadly had nothing to watch at 9 or 10  (other than a couple of Netflix movies, thankfully)

Here’s a round-up of  articles and reviews from the Mid-season finale… unfortunately we won’t get the 2nd half until the fall?!?!!?!?  COME ON! I can understand maybe a month or 2 between but you can’t at least start it in July or August?! GAH! Why not just give us an episode a month of the remaining

If you want to read my review of the show in full  then by all means

   Vikings Raid!


So what did you think of the season 4 mid-season finale? What were you expecting, did it happen or were you disappointed?

IF you didn’t watch the mid-season finale yet.. then please

spoiler alert


I thought the fight between the brothers would be a fight to the death (as I I know bein as 1. Ragnar & Rollo were not really brothers  and 2 Rollo either outlived him  or came after him regardless I know Ragnar’s time it counting down. Plus a article asked if it could be Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel’s) last season on the show as Ragnar could possibly die this season… I thought it would come in the midseason finale…. but thank goodness I get some more time and we can maybe see him interact with his now adult sons Alex Høgh Andersen  who plays Ivar Marco Ilsø as Hvitserk (I think I heard them say the name once or twice so I am still ot sure how to pronunciate it) and the last one I would swear is actually related to Travis Fimmel, to me he could be a younger doppelganger! When Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe turned around when all the brothers were together outside I nearly fell off my bed. I thought I saw Travis from the first season then the brain caught up to the eyes and still gasped Holy Braided…



Ragnar not finished raiding and exploring

Interview: Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen Talk Vikings Season 4

Vikings Gets a Fifth Season and Adds Jonathan Rhys Meyers


‘Vikings’ Season 4 Midseason Finale Review: ‘The Last Ship’


mid-season finale Its Victory or Death for Rollo

Vikings mid-season finale: Clive Standen talks Rollo’s big showdown


Katheryn Winnick & CliveStanden Interview


Titan Comics VIKINGS series  was originally supposed to release on April 6th, then it was pushed back I was told to the 20th and now again but thankfully Rollo Actor Clive Standen posted it is now to be released on the 27th (it better!)

‘Vikings’ Renewed For Season 5; Creator Michael Hirst Talks Series Finale – Movie News Guide


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