Some Kind of Hate

2015  NR (Not Rated)  Horror/Thriller  1:23   IMDB 


A mentally fragile student (or is he just sick of people’s shit?)  is sent to reform school  after being victimized by his peers at school. (Yeah he’s bullied everyday multiple times  and yet when he finally sticks up for himself he’s the one who has to pay…)

The spirit of a bullied teen suicide offers help to reap vengeance on his tormentors.

For one I think the script should have been proofread again! as ‘Clocked’ the shit out of sounds stupid. If they had at least used knocked that would sound like it makes more sense, but beat this shit out of sounds more powerful. 

The guy who’s bullied in this the metal head with the black hair… reminds me of Glen Danzig (at least from the late 80s & 90s) for some reason.

THe movie is really predictable, and lame. There’s not much to write as the only one or 2 things is the Ghost and how it kills, which is basically a walking voodoo doll which apparently was inspired by  Gabourney Sibide’s character in American Horror Story:Coven.  And is no surprise to how to kill the ghost off as well.

Well as I said Reminded me of Danzig… it gets a D

If you are curious about it you can find it here on Amazon


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