2015  R  1:53 Horror Zombies Matthew Fox Jeffery Donovan

Three survivors in a future viral holocaust have managed to stay hidden for a decade while the humans, who have all turned to hideous monstrous mutants infesting the earth have frozen to death.

Our survivors face a cold reality in what’s left of the town of Harmony (wherever) population of 3 or if you count the dog 4.  They think all the creatures,  basically fast zombies that look like they are from Blade 2 in color of skin  have all died from the freeze and they’re feeling safe and that’s when you know you’re not. So of course there’s at least a lone Z left and besideds looking like a blade 2 vamp also looks a bit Gollum as well.

sadly around an hour the DVD skipped and went back to the beginning, tried finishing in the blu-ray player and did the same, they didn’t clean the disk. Once that was fixed there were no problems but due to the interruption, I’m not really sure how I feel about this one, let alone called those creatures zombies, they’re more like a ghoul.


I think maybe a C as I was into it before the problem and was annoyed about it so I’ll stick with at least a C

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