hunters-syfySyfy    monday @ 10 (est)  Nathan Phillips, Julian McMahon,  Shannon Berry, Britne Oldford,  Mark Coles Smith   (more…  IMDB)  based on the book alien hunter


Nathan Phillipps plays FBI agent Flynn Carroll whose wife is abducted which leads him to a secret government unit assembled to hunt  the shady group of international terrorists that may or may not be human.

Regan a member of this secret unit is a hunter, and now that Flynn has found out…has a problem with her on the team. Regan also has what looks like a scar on (or near) her  inner elbow. Flynn has a scar in the same area (but can’t recall if same arm) first I took it that he got hurt while on duty with the FBI or while he was deployed. Now it seems as though you might be a Hunter without knowing that you are!

There’s a noise the Hunters make that I swear the Predator is going to show up any minute! (then after thinking that I saw an article Arnold wants to do another Predator!DOH!) Binge worthy

So far I am sticking with it. The episodes go by pretty fast and there’s plenty of action and mystery to keep my attention. I think its even safe to give it the Binge worthy! seal of approval!

We get a flashback of Regan as a little girl in the 3rd episode as well as a trip to the jungle.

“They take the ones you love”… but WHY?!  Are those people aliens too? bu then so far it seems only women have been taken so are they trying to take over the world by impregnating all of the women?

Maybe we’;ll get some answers in the 4th episode being as Julian McMahon seems to be captured in the coming attractions (and man  I hope they had him dye his hair grey cause unlike it does for Eric Dane.. it’s so NOT working for Julian! (who I still think ‘Cole’ from Charmed when I see him)

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