The Condemned 2

2015  R  Randy Orton as Will Tanner & Eric Roberts as his Father Frank      1:30 Action  by WWE studios (of course)

Orton takes the mantle from Steve Austin who was in the first movie. Hey wait.. did I just hear the Gadiator ‘Entertained’ line? WTF how did they not get sued for using that, maybe it was a twist on it but I’m sure it was the exact, part  (or close enough to) the phrase. Anyway…

Bounty hunter Will Tanner fails to bring the head of an illegal gambling ring in (was supposed to be alive and sadly they was not made possible), he is targeted  months later in a high roller desert hunting game pitted against his own bounty team. Will some falter and join up with him or will they stick to trying to kill him?

Who do you bet on to live or die … When and How?

The explosions expert on the team… he’s a hoot but doesn’t have any goofy crazy lines that should go along with that sort of character (think something quirky like something Deadpool or ‘Iron man would say)

I  like the camera angel of the drone. I’d hate to say it cause like with the camcorder of Blair Witch and 3d of Avatar everyone will be on it but I like the idea of a storyline for a movie (or as a test tv movie maybe on Syfy) to be shot just from a drone! I think for one movie it would be interesting but would have to be the right sort of story or just film a bunch of stuff that way then ‘write’ the story after!


Anyway there’s lots of action with explosives and gunplay sadly it’s not an edge of your seat intense ‘ride’ but either average or slightly above. C or C+


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